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Change tables are must-have furniture pieces in Australia and provide a safe, comfy and stylish place to change baby nappies. Shop pretty and practical change tables with mats and storage in styles and colours to suit every nursery.
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Change Tables: Must-have nursery furniture pieces

For new parents caring for a little one, the change table is one of the most important pieces of furniture to place in the nursery. This is the super safe and comfy spot you will spend changing nappies and ensuring your newborn is happy and healthy. Our change tables make the task easier and more convenient with 2 and 3 tier options for plenty of storage in neutral shades that will sit pretty in any Australian home.

Shop your perfect change table at Amart today and match it with our other essential nursery furniture pieces, including nursing chairs, tallboys and cots.

Baby change tables and change pads

Whether you call it a change table, change station or change centre, this nursery piece will be invaluable when it comes to changing nappies day and night. The best change tables come with a change mat that’s soft and padded for comfort.

Amart have best seller baby change tables that are safe and sturdy for placing babies on and come with a luxe change pad that’s easy to clean and fits snugly into the top tier. Choose the 2 tier Madelyn change table for a solid wood frame and fresh white finish that’ll fit into any nursery interior or go for more storage with the 3 tier Camlet change table with a minimalist design and wheels for easy movement around the nursery and home.

Find adorable change tables below RRP in-store at your nearest Amart or checkout online and have your piece delivered to any postcode. All of our change tables come with a 2 or 3 year warranty for peace of mind. Know some new parents who could use a little extra help? Our Amart gift cards give the gift of choice and will help them complete their nursery in no time!

Baby change tables with storage

Keep your nursery looking spick and span with nursery storage furniture. Changers with storage offer a fantastic place to store your nappies, nappy bags, wipes, towels, creams and more when you’re not using them. Our change tables come with 2 or 3 shelves to provide plenty of space for storing changing essentials as well as baby’s toys, cushions and anything else.

Benefits of a change table

While you can use other items and pieces of furniture to get the job done, change tables are specifically designed to make changing nappies faster, easier and more fuss-free. You’ll love them because:

  • They save time.
  • They’re the exact height you need for comfortably changing a baby’s nappy without needing to lean over or bend down.
  • They’re sturdy and solid with an edge to provide a safe place for little ones to lay.
  • They come with a change pad to maximise comfort.
  • They make it easy for others to help with childcare, such as when grandma comes over to babysit.
  • They let you store the essentials and more underneath for easy access.
  • They come in various designs to enhance any nursery and match to existing decor.

Where to position your change table

Safety and practicality are number one when it comes to deciding where to position your change table. You don’t want to be stumbling into other things in the dark during those late night nappy changes! It’s a good idea to set up in a spot where you’ll have easy access to and be able to stand in front of without banging into other furniture. Keeping it near the entrance against a wall near the cot may be handy as you won’t have far to walk.

What to look for when choosing a changing unit

Choosing your change table is a big decision. Consider these factors to help you narrow down the choices and pick the right one:

  • Space - Measure the available space in your nursery to choose the right size change table that will comfortably fit with other furniture pieces.
  • Budget - Change tables range in price so it’s a good idea to choose one that’s within your budget. That way, you’ll still have plenty of money left for other nursery furniture.
  • Decor - Consider the style and colour palette of your nursery and choose a change table that will fit in beautifully.
  • Storage - Will you need a 2 or 3 tier change table for storing items?
  • Convenience - Change mats should be easy to clean and maintain. Mat covers should be machine-washable. A change table with wheels will let you move it around the home for changing anywhere.

Choose a change table that suits your nursery style

From a white finish and minimalist design to a 2-toned finish with natural wood to warm up the space, choose a change table that blends with your nursery walls, cot sheets and quilts, textiles, rugs, curtains and other furniture pieces, such as bouncers, bassinets, rockers and tallboys.

You might also want to extend your nursery style to other rooms, including the living room, bedroom and kitchen for a unified and stylish home. From big items to little items, consider:

  • High chairs
  • Baby toys
  • Prams, strollers and harnesses
  • Swaddles

Choose a change table that complements your cot & tallboy

Create an enchanting nursery by matching your change table to your baby cot and chest of drawers. These pieces of furniture are nursery staples and look stunning when chosen in the same colour and style.

Amart have the baby essentials on everyone’s wish list, from modern change tables to tallboys, nursery chairs and cot mattresses for sweet dreams. Match your nursery furniture like a pro with our huge variety of colours, styles and finishes to suit every interior.

What is the difference between a change table and a changing station?

A change table and a changing station refers to exactly the same thing; a piece of furniture that you place in a designated spot in the nursery to change your baby’s nappies and store everything you need for changing underneath. Discover the range at Amart today.

What is the purpose of a change table?

A change table is an essential piece of nursery furniture that’s specifically been designed for changing your baby’s nappies. It stands at a comfortable height so that you can safely place the baby on the top tier without needing to bend too far over and usually comes with a changing pad for convenience and maximum comfort. Changing tables can also have additional tiers or shelves beneath for storing everything you need to make changing your baby a breeze.