Ottomans in a range of fabrics, shapes and designs deliver on functionality and style. A handy place to put your feet, a coffee table, storage provider and even a sofa bed, every lounge room and bedroom should have a stylish, value-adding ottoman from Amart Furniture!
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Introducing the ottoman - the ultimate multi-tasker!

Never has there been such a compact, versatile and stylish piece of furniture as the ottoman. Meeting a wide range of needs, the ottoman is both practical, comfortable and a stylish addition to your living areas or bedrooms.

What is an ottoman?

Ottomans are fabric or leather upholstered furniture items originally designed in Europe during the 18th century as foot stools. An ottoman can be different things to different people. Often referred to as an ottoman pouf or a foot stool, the ottoman is just what you need when you want to sit back, relax and put your feet up, but it’s uses go way beyond a comfy piece of furniture.

What is the purpose of an ottoman?

Ottomans can be used as low, cushioned benches, seated stools, foot stools and storage items. Typically used in Aussie homes as coffee tables and foot stools, storage ottomans provide that extra space for storing items such as:

  • Magazines
  • Books
  • Linen
  • Blankets
  • Pillows
  • Cushions
  • And other items.

Certainly a versatile piece of furniture, an ottoman’s purpose can be whatever you need. Amart Furniture ottomans are available in a range of shapes, sizes, styles and fabrics to suit a variety of requirements, including:

  1. A coffee table. Commonly people use an ottoman as a coffee table, adding a tray as a hard surface for stability.
  2. Living room storage. An ottoman with storage can be used in children’s bedrooms as a seat and a toybox, adult bedrooms for storing linen or pillows, family rooms or lounges for storing everyday items.
  3. An extra seat or foot stool. A handy bench seat when needed and a comfortable pouf or footstool, ottomans provide comfort and convenience.
  4. A sofa bed. Check out our fantastic ottoman sofa bed - the Alecto - a rice white or dark grey ottoman for the ultimate in space-saving sofa beds!

Ottoman coffee tables

Large ottomans in open plan spaces make perfect coffee tables, especially with a removable tray to take it from a foot stool and give it a firm coffee table surface. Square ottomans and leather ottomans are the perfect ottoman coffee tables.

The Camarones black swivel round ottoman has a firm top making it an ideal coffee table along with the faux fur Aboukir large, round ottoman and the Alonso, Marlow and Eleanor fabric ottomans.

Can you sit on an ottoman?

Yes! Most ottomans double as handy small stools for sitting on, bench seats or even a big, comfy, extra lounge room seat.

Do Ottomans come in different shapes, sizes and materials?

We know that Aussie homes come in many shapes, sizes and colours, so at Amart Furniture you’ll find ottomans in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, materials and colours to complement any interior space, large or small:

  • A small square or cube-style ottoman such as the Doze leather-look ottoman makes a handy side table and an easy-to-clean foot stool.
  • Bench ottomans fill the space on a blank wall and provide useful storage.
  • From small ottomans to extra large space filling square, rectangular and round ottomans, you’ll find the perfect size and shape for your area.
  • Our ottomans are available in a vast fabric collection from velvet to cotton and faux fur. You’ll find leather ottomans and fabulous value in our leather-look ottomans too.

Are there Ottoman sofa beds?

Yes it’s a thing! The most efficient way to store and create an extra single bed is by unfolding it from your ottoman - who would have thought? The rice white Alecto ottoman sofa bed offer neutral colours and fit snugly anywhere in the home - perhaps the kids’ bedrooms, the family room or lounge.

Where to put an ottoman?

If you have a space, we have an ottoman to fill it!

  1. Ottomans can take pride of place in the centre of your lounge room as a coffee table, foot stool or storage item.
  2. They are a traditional bedroom storage item, placed across the end of the bed to hold blankets, pillows and linen.
  3. Ottomans are fabulous inclusions in your nursery or children’s bedroom, the perfect receptacle for toys, clothes or linen!
  4. Pop a bench ottoman along a blank wall and add a painting above for that final touch.
  5. If yours is a small living space an ottoman is the perfect side table where there is no room for a central coffee table.

Feeling the need for an ottoman in your space or as a present to a loved one?? Put your feet up and shop our extensive ottoman collection online, or call into your nearest Amart store today!

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