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Elegant glass dining tables not only look stylish, they increase brightness and create the illusion of space in your dining room. Amart Furniture’s range of round, square and rectangular glass top tables are available in modern and contemporary designs.
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Benefits of a glass table

Let’s talk about why you need a glass dining table. A glass-top dining table will give your dining room a contemporary and classy look. The transparency of the glass gives the perception of space and brightens a room by bouncing light off its surface.

What’s more, glass-top dining tables are low maintenance. They don’t absorb spills or stains - simply wipe the top with a cloth and water or a mild detergent then dry it with a soft cloth, making meal-time clean-ups a breeze.

The best type of glass for a dining table

Stronger than it looks, tempered glass is the best type of glass for a dining table because it is:

  • durable
  • resistant to heat
  • easy to clean
  • doesn’t scratch easily.

The difference between tempered and non-tempered glass

Non-tempered glass (standard glass) is fragile. When it breaks, it fractures or shatters into large, jagged, and sharp pieces which are very hazardous.

Tempered glass is up to five times stronger than standard glass. It won’t break easily, and if it does, it shatters into small pieces without many sharp edges. Tempered glass is significantly safer than standard glass and is suitable for daily use as a table surface.

The best dining chairs to pair with a glass dining table

Enjoy choices galore when it comes to dining chairs that go with glass dining tables! The style of a glass dining table is determined by the frame design and material as well as the shape of the tabletop. For example, the Pewter Promenade Glass Dining Table has a contemporary timber base and could be paired with numerous styles of contemporary dining chairs such as the Asheville Dining Chair for a modern contemporary look or the Nottingham Dining Chair for a French provincial style.

Take your inspiration for dining chair selection from the rest of your living and dining space. If you have bar stools for a kitchen island nearby, choose a style that can work in with a similar theme, so they don’t clash. The dining sets on Amart’s site have been carefully curated by leading design experts, so you could refer to these as a guide for pairing glass dining tables with chairs in your dining room.

Bring a modern feel into your home with glass-top dining tables

Whether you choose a glass top round dining table, square dining table or rectangular dining table, it will bring a modern look to your home. Glass dining tables are contemporary, but their style can be tweaked with your dining chair choice. The Genevieve Round Glass Dining Table paired with an Audric Dining Chair achieves a modern contemporary look that could also fit with mid-century style furniture.

The perfect indoor and outdoor dining tables

Not only do glass dining tables look beautiful inside they also look and perform beautifully outdoors. Glass is a serviceable material to have on your outdoor dining set because it only requires a quick wipe to clean it ahead of use. What’s more, it’s durable, so it can handle Australia’s weather no matter which state you live in. The Riana Outdoor Dining Setting features UV-resistant wicker and a galvanised steel frame with a tempered glass tabletop, making it tough for Australian conditions without compromising on beauty. It’s also available in an outdoor lounge dining setting.

How to prevent chips in your glass dining table

While tempered glass can withstand some impacts, it’s important to take a few precautions to avoid chips and other damage. Here are a few tips:

  • Avoid situations where you could drop heavy or sharp objects on the tabletop.
  • Discourage kids from boisterous play near the table.
  • Use placemats and coasters for plates and drinks and protective pads if placing hot dishes on your table.
  • Avoid metal-backed chairs which could chip the tabletop edges on contact.

Save space in your dining room with round dining tables

It’s a well-known interior design rule that round dining tables and small spaces go hand-in-hand. Better yet, a glass round table will take up even less space visually than a solid choice like a marble dining tabletop or a timber dining tabletop. A dining chair in a light colour with an open or minimal frame such as the Therese Dining Chair will help with maximising airiness and a sense of space in a small room.

Choose from a range of 4-seater to 6-seater tables

Square dining tables and round dining tables lend themselves nicely to 4-seater and 8-seater setups. In between the two, a rectangular dining table is a better shape for 6 seats. Amart’s range of glass dining tables comes in round, square and rectangular designs so you can choose the shape that’s best for your requirements.

Depending on the size of the dining chair you choose a round or square dining table could manage 6 seats. If you’d like to mix and match some chairs and tables to see what will fit, find an Amart showroom. With 200 stores across Australia, from Melbourne to Darwin, Perth to Sydney, and beyond, there is bound to be one near you.

Essential dining room furniture you’ll need for your renovation

A home renovation is a perfect time to assess your dining room storage requirements so you can choose buffets, display cabinets and sideboards that not only look stunning with your new décor but also meet your functionality needs. Get planning today to work out the sizing, storage, and design you need to revolutionise your dining space.

Styling tips for your glass dining table

Style your glass dining table with a centrepiece that draws the eye to it. A ceramic tray hosting a cluster of homeware pieces such as a vase, fruit bowl or artificial plant is a great way to add a dash of your taste and style to your table.

Tempered glass top dining tables to match your interior decor

It’s all in the legs when it comes to assigning a style for a glass-top dining table. Amart’s glass dining table range includes classic, contemporary, and mid-century style frames in timber, stainless steel, or powder-coated metal. However, some of these designs have the flexibility to work with other styles like French provincial or Hamptons when paired with the right chair, such as the La Salle Dining Chair.

Choose from a range of shapes, materials, and colours

There’s something for everyone in Amart Furniture’s dining table range.

Choose a shape you like:

Round dining table - great for small spaces and reducing obstruction to foot traffic in a living-dining area. Also fits well in a nook.

Square dining table - a nice shape for conversation and sharing/serving yourself food.

Rectangular dining table - the most popular shape for dining rooms, it works well in narrow spaces and is a good shape for seating larger groups.

Choose a material that suits your interior design and lifestyle:

Marble dining table - a white marble top is timeless, brightens a room, and goes with many interior design styles. It’s also easy to wipe clean.

Timber dining table - a wooden dining table adds a warm feel to your room and is available in numerous natural tones and stains. You can choose from a variety of solid woods from acacia to pine, rubberwood or Australian hardwoods.

Cleaning and maintaining glass dining tables

It’s so easy to clean a glass dining table. Like any other dining table surface, a glass dining table needs a wipe after meals to clear up crumbs and splashes. However, you can really make it shine with some generous squirts of glass cleaner followed by a thorough wipe with paper towels. Then buff it with a dry, soft cloth for a beautiful, polished look that’s free from fingerprints and smears.

To minimise scratches on your glass surface, we recommend using placemats.

Brighten your dining space with glass dining tables

A glass tabletop bounces light around a room with its reflective surface, brightening dark spaces. To bring even more light into your dining space, hang a statement mirror and choose dining chairs in light-coloured tones.

Guide to styling your glass table

Get ready for entertaining on your glass dining table. A collection of candles, lanterns or votives from our home decor section will set an amazing ambience in your dining space. Placed on your glass dining table, the candlelight will reflect in the glass creating a soft, relaxed mood. Your guests won’t want to leave!

Low maintenance tables that give the illusion of space

Did you know that being able to see through a dining table gives your mind the perception of a large space? Combine a glass tabletop with a slim frame and legs, and it almost disappears. The Alvar Dining Table has a minimal and modern yet timeless look that can be styled through your choice of dining chairs. And without any nooks and crannies to hold stains and food particles, the low-maintenance glass surface can be wiped completely clean.

The perfect table for modern and contemporary homes

Complementary to almost every modern interior design theme, glass tabletops bring elegance to a dining room and accentuate the style and colour of its frame. And they’re never out of style! What’s more, if you decide to switch interior design styles, you might be able to keep your glass dining table and simply update your dining chairs.

Glass dining tables to match your living room furniture

Discover Amart’s suite of coffee tables and side tables to match our glass-top dining tables. The Promenade dining table is available as a Promenade Coffee Table and Promenade Lamp Table tying your look together between the dining room and living room. Or pair a square glass dining table with a Tizona Square Lamp Table in an American Oak frame. Keep in mind the material and style of your entertainment unit and other living room furniture pieces like bookcases when choosing your dining and living room tables.

Browse our range of living room furniture, including sofas, armchairs, lounges with chaises, ottomans, and recliners for something to perfect your living room look.

4-seater, 6-seater, or 8-seater dining tables to fit the whole family

Big or small, we have your family dinner table covered at Amart. From 4-seater round or square tables in glass, marble, timber or easy-care MDF, to 6-seaters and up to 8-seaters for larger families. Our extendable dining tables are the ultimate entertainer. The La Salle MK3 Extension Dining Table can be taken from its everyday 8-seater setup and turned into a 10-seater. Make it a 12-seater by squeezing in a couple of extras on La Salle MK2 Dining Bench Seat. Perfect for when friends and family visit.

Find dining room furniture to match your new glass dining table

Amart’s dining room storage furniture is available in a large range of styles including classic, coastal, contemporary, country, Scandinavian, French provincial, glam luxe, mid-century, and industrial. This means that you’re sure to find a buffet, sideboard, and display cabinet with the style to match your glass dining table and the practicality you need from your dining space.

Does a glass dining table make a room look bigger?

Interior designers often recommend glass dining tables for small spaces because they make a room look bigger. The see-through nature of glass combined with its reflective surface gives the perception of airiness and space in a room, particularly when paired with an open back seat like the Halcyon Dining Chair.

Do glass tables break easily?

Tempered glass tables like the Zia Dining Table won’t break easily, but they aren’t indestructible. If you drop heavy objects on a glass dining table, it’s likely to break however, unlike standard glass which shatters into sharp, hazardous shards, tempered glass will break into small pieces with fewer sharp edges.

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