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Get comfy in a fabric sofa you’ll love. Find the perfect size and style when you shop Amart’s range of fabric lounge suites including 2 and 3-seater sofas, modular lounges, armchairs, recliners, lounges with chaise, and other living room furniture.
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Add comfort to your home with new fabric lounges and recliners

Sink into the softness and warmth of a fabric lounge or recliner from Amart. Our high-quality fabric upholstery in a large range of styles, shapes and colours offers you options galore to choose a sofa that fits your lifestyle, your living room and your interior design style.

Match your home décor with our range of lounges available in a variety of colours

Shop by style. Shop by size. Shop by colour! Just shop your way to find a fabric sofa that suits your living room. Whether you want something neutral that won’t date or an on-trend colour in the season’s latest look to complement your décor, Amart has something for you.

From 2-3 seater sofas to modular lounges, corner lounges with inbuilt recliners, sofa beds or home theatre lounges, our huge range of quality fabric sofas are available in the colours you want at affordable prices you’ll love.

3 seater lounges with inbuilt recliners for added comfort

Get ready for the most popular seat in your house - a new 3-seater lounge with an inbuilt recliner. Available in classic and contemporary styles, choose from a variety of colours for the ultimate in looks and comfort. The Cassius Fabric 3 Seater with Chaise and Inbuilt Electric Recliner brings you a luxurious lounge room entertainment experience with adjustable headrests, wireless access, USB and Bluetooth.

Or keep it classic with something timeless like the Prescott Fabric 3 Seater with Inbuilt Recliners which is also available as a suite with a single and 2-seater recliner.

Choosing between chaise lounges and recliner lounges

Let’s be honest. When it comes to getting comfy on your lounge, you’re doing pretty well with either a chaise lounge or a fabric recliner. Both are excellent choices for putting your feet up and letting the day’s troubles fade away. The difference between the two lounge styles is their options for customisation. A recliner allows you to choose multiple leg and back positions. While a chaise lounge (depending on the model you select) can be customised to suit your room, such as a left-hand facing (LHF) chaise, an RHF chaise, or even a reversible chaise.

But with a Saloon Fabric 3 Seater with Inbuilt Recliners, you’ve got both options so you can switch it up and sit on whichever side you fancy - chaise or recliner.

Cleaning and maintaining fabric lounges

To care for your couch, vacuum it regularly to reduce the amount of dirt, dust and even pet hair that settles on the fabric and attend to any spills or stains ASAP.

However, if you’d like the ultimate protection for your fabric sofa, we recommend our fabric care kits. The SmartCare Fabric System includes a 5-year accidental protection plan plus a Fresher Mist, Spot Cleaner and a Microfibre cloth to ensure your lounge stays fresh and looks great for years.

Maximise floor space in your living room with a corner lounge

While corner lounges are an excellent option for pushing into the corner to create more space, did you know they can also be used to create a zone? Corner sofas can be placed in a large or open plan living area to break up the space or to define a section, such as an area for watching tv.

Why not add a chaise or recliner to your corner lounge so you can stretch out and relax? Laze around on the Morrison Fabric Corner Chaise or opt for something like the Saloon Fabric Corner Lounge with Inbuilt Recliners that allows two people to chill out at once.

Find a coffee table to match your new lounge

Matching a coffee table to your lounge is a breeze at Amart. We have every shape, material, and style of coffee table you can imagine. You’ll find:

  • Round, rectangular, or square coffee tables.
  • Coffee tables with or without shelves or drawers.
  • Timber, timber look, tempered glass, marble or marble look tabletops.
  • A wide variety of styles including Hamptons, industrial, coastal, contemporary, traditional, and more.

So, whether you have a 2 or 3-seat sofa, a modular fabric sofa, a sprawling leather lounge, a corner sofa, or a lounge with a chaise, we have a coffee table shape and style to suit your living room.

Find a lounge your whole family will love

No two families are the same. At Amart, you can shop for a lounge that’s the perfect fit for your family - large or small. If you don’t already have a style, seat number or shape in mind, consider the following:

  • How big is your room?
  • Is the couch for relaxing and watching tv or for a formal lounge room?
  • Should you consider a sofa bed for extra guests?
  • Which fabric suits your lifestyle and home décor? Amart has a selection of fabric in timeless neutrals, the latest on-trend colours, or family-friendly colours like dark grey to weather the messier years.
  • Should you consider customising a modular sofa with a left or right-hand chaise or recliner?

Why not bring your crew to an Amart showroom to get a feel for what they like and what suits your space? Pop some styles on your wishlist and chat with our friendly team about fabrics and lounge setups that suit your room and lifestyle.

Choosing between manual and electric recliners

After a long day, there’s nothing nicer than putting your feet up...and maybe your back down. Or both! A recliner chair lets you get comfy in a way that a regular couch can’t. If you need some of this comfort in your life, Amart has you covered. Our high-quality recliner chairs are available in both manual and electric options as single seats or as part of a sofa.

There are two main differences between electric and manual recliners:

Electric recliners require a power source but can be operated with the click of a button.

Manual recliners don’t require power; however, you will need to operate them via a lever located on the side.

Choosing between fabric vs leather lounges

Both fabric and leather sofas have pros and cons. Fabric lounges tend to be more comfortable while leather lounges are a little more durable. To help you choose, here are a few facts about both types:

Fabric sofas: fabric upholstery is soft, warm, and available in a large range of fabric types and colours. For this reason, it is easier to match a fabric sofa with your interior design style.

Leather sofas: leather upholstery is more resistant to tearing and staining than fabric upholstery (particularly dark leather) and is hypoallergenic because it doesn’t harbour allergens. While the colour range is more limited than fabric sofas, leather sofas are known to be a little more durable. Many of our leather lounges, like the Vulcan Leather 2 Seat Sofa come with a 10-year warranty.

High-quality fabric lounge suites to brighten up your living room

You’ll be spoilt for choice by the huge range of styles and high-quality fabric choices in Amart Furniture’s lounge suites range. Brighten up your living room by choosing a fabric you love in one of the following sofa styles:

  • corner lounges
  • lounges with chaises
  • 2, 3 and 4-seater lounges
  • Sofa beds
  • Modular lounges
  • And lounges that combine all of the above, like 3-seaters with an inbuilt recliner, a corner sofa with a chaise, or a lounge with a chaise and built-in sofa bed.

But why limit your lounging around to indoors only? Amart has an amazing range of outdoor living furniture including outdoor lounges, outdoor dining sets, daybeds and outdoor accessories.

Find a stylish and functional accent chair to accompany your new sofa

An accent chair (or armchair) is the perfect piece to complement your lounge and living room furniture choices and bring together your interior design look. You can choose an accent chair for your living room to either match or complement your sofa or create a cozy nook somewhere else in your house. Armchairs also make a great feature in bedrooms - the perfect escape for curling up with a book.

Add a pop of colour and personality with a Bianco Fabric Accent Chair or choose a Margot Swivel Chair that’s so comfy and plush the whole family will fight over who gets to sit in it.

What is the difference between a sofa and a lounge?

The terms “sofa” and “lounge” are two different words for describing the same thing. The British prefer the name sofa while in Australia we tend to call it a lounge; this description remains the same whether it’s a 2-seater sofa or a large corner lounge.

What do you need to keep in mind when picking a sofa?

Three of the key considerations to keep in mind when choosing a lounge are the material, size, and style. Let the room size dictate the sofa size you choose and pick a material that suits your lifestyle in a colour that complements your walls, floors and living room furniture.

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