Featuring smart and stylish designs, home office desks from Amart meet a wide range of furniture needs in Australia. Find the perfect corner desk, gaming desk, student desk, ergo-friendly standing desk or even a bunk bed with a desk.

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A Wide Range of Desks for Home Office Use

If you’re shopping for a desk for your office, study, or any work from home space, you’ll find ergonomic desk designs offering efficient, attractive and affordable workspace solutions at Amart.

What are the different types of desks?

You might think a desk is just a desk… but our wide range is specifically designed for a variety of uses! Discover a wide range of shapes, heights, sizes and designs when you browse Amart’s desk collections, including:

  • Student desks - Sturdy and simple in design, these desks are also called study desks as they were designed for writing, reading and studying. They can double as a computer desk with space to fit a laptop and can come with storage drawers or shelves for stashing pens, paper and more.
  • Office desks for home - These desks refer to any type of desk you would place in the office at home. They can be used for studying, gaming, working, reading, writing and more. You’ve got plenty of options, from student desks and computer desks to sit stand desks, corner desks, storage desks and much more.
  • Executive desks - An executive desk is basically a larger version of a computer desk. They have a wide surface for placing computers and monitors with many featuring a double pedestal design. These desks also include lots of storage for files and paperwork making them perfect for spacious offices.
  • Standing desks - Also called a sit stand desk, these desks are height adjustable desks that let you switch between sitting and standing while working. Lower the desk platform when sitting and raise it to change your body position and work standing up.
  • Gaming desks - These desks are specifically designed for professional gamers. They have a wide surface area for placing multiple screens, consoles, speakers, accessories and more.
  • Corner desks - These desks have an l-shaped design that tucks neatly into the corners of your office. Corner workstations are ideal for smaller spaces as they take up less room.
  • Desks with built-in drawers - A drawer desk is a type of storage desk with drawers built into the design. Easily store everything from paper and pens to staplers, files and homework to keep your work area clean and uncluttered.
  • Desks with shelves - When you run out of space on the bookshelves, a desk with shelving can provide another handy spot to store and display your items.

What should I look for when buying a desk?

The most important things to consider when buying a desk include the desk design and storage options, the right size to accommodate your work needs and fit with the available floor space, and the stylish finish helping to create an inspiring and motivating work environment.

  1. Determine which desk design best suits your needs, perhaps an l-shaped desk to create a corner workstation, an ergonomic sit stand desk, a gaming desk or a study desk with built-in storage drawers.
  2. Choose a desk that provides enough space to hold your computer and accessories with room either side for additional materials such as files, stationery etc. Make sure the desk will fit comfortably within the available floor space too, allowing room for the desk chair and additional office furniture such as bookcases and filing cabinets for office storage.
  3. For a stylish office space match the finish to other decor in the room, perhaps a black desk for a modern look, a timeless and elegant wood desk like the Settler, or even a white desk to match existing white storage furniture such as a bookcase. Extend the style to coffee tables, dining tables and more for a unified house.

How do you organise an office desk?

Our wide range of new desk designs from our new office furniture allows you to organise your desk for optimum productivity. Corner office desks allow defined work spaces while desk storage drawers contain necessary clutter.

Useful accessories for organising desks in the office include:

  • Pen holders
  • Desk lamps
  • Laptop desk risers
  • Document holders
  • Physical file management systems if paper files are used

How should you sit at a desk?

An adjustable office chair with lumbar support is important as it helps you establish and maintain the correct posture while seated at your desk. For extra support, you might want to consider an ergonomic office chair. Also note:

  1. If you are using a computer screen it should be positioned at eye level.
  2. Whether you are sitting or standing, both feet should be flat on the floor.
  3. The keyboard should be at a level which positions your arms at right angles at the elbow while typing.

What is the best desk for home?

The best office desk for home use will fit perfectly within the available floor space and provide the necessary dimensions and storage for working comfortably.

That might be something like the Fillmore - a small desk to fit within the study nook of an open plan living space, or it could be a big corner desk to suit your home office or study like the Enzo corner desk with hutch or even the Silverwood corner desk for the ultimate work-from-home comfort, efficiency and beautiful style.

With such an extensive range of desk designs and affordable prices, it’s easy to find the best home office desk for your space online or instore at Amart!

Think about the purpose of your home office desk

Narrow down your choice of desk by asking yourself what its purpose will be.

Will you be using it as a space to work or study from home? A computer desk will give you space for a laptop with enough room for reading and writing if needed.

Will you need to store items out of the way? Look for a desk with built-in drawers or shelving that can let you store files, books, papers, pens and other small office accessories.

Are you a gamer who needs a desk just for gaming purposes? A gaming desk is the answer and it will give you ample room for multiple screens while letting you set up your space as you like.

Small space? An l-shaped desk will fit neatly into a corner out of the way while sit stand desks can be compact and take up more vertical space as you stand.

Accessorising your home desk

Just because its a desk in the office, doesn’t mean it can’t look beautiful! Elevate a simple home desk by choosing accessories to add pops of colour and pattern.

Think artificial plants for a splash of green, bright planters and modern vases with flowers to line the back of your desk. If you have a desk with shelving or a hutch, place small ornaments, photos and other decorations on the shelves to add personality.

Don’t forget the space around your desk. Consider wall art to fill in blank spaces and stylish rugs to tie everything together. You might even have enough room for a 2 seater or 3 seater lounge to unwind on between work hours! Discover other accessories at Amart to place on your home desk and other tabletops, including coffee tables and dining tables.

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