Bedheads, also called headboards, add both comfort and style to your bed base and mattress or ensemble bed. Browse the modern upholstered bedheads in our bedroom furniture range to find a design, size and colour that will add the perfect finishing touches to your bed.
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Queen Headboard

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Queen Headboard

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Modern & Stylish Bedheads or Headboards

When you’ve found the mattress and bed base or ensemble that you love, the next step - if it doesn’t include a bedhead - is to add a padded headboard creating luxurious comfort and fresh designer style.

What is a bed head?

Also referred to as a bed headboard, a bedhead is a piece of bedroom furniture that sits behind the bed between your head, the pillows and the bedroom wall.

While many bed frames made from timber like the beautiful Makena queen bed or powder coated steel such as the modern Premier queen bed incorporate a bed frame and headboard in the design, some bed bases and ensembles don’t. Ensembles include a bed base and a mattress, so upholstered freestanding headboards are added to provide a cushioned barrier between yourself and the wall.

Do you need a bedhead?

Bedheads enhance the luxuriously inviting feel of your bedroom. You can buy a queen bed frame with headboard such as such as the popular Sophie MK2 or a king size bed frame with headboard like the glamorous Ava - or you can add an upholstered bedhead to a bed base or ensemble separately.

A bed frame with headboard infuses comfort into your sleep experience. If you sit up in bed to read or watch TV an upholstered bedhead provides a comfortable padded surface between your back and the wall.

But a stylish upholstered headboard doesn’t just add warmth and comfort, our plush queen headboards and king size headboards in a choice of fabric designs give your whole bedroom a co-ordinated and sophisticated look.

The best thing about our bedheads is that if your bed is just a bed base minus a headboard, you can simply add one! Freestanding padded headboards slip into place behind the bed making it difficult to tell if the bed design is one with an incorporated fabric headboard or not.

How do you attach a headboard to a bed?

Many headboards are freestanding, simply held in place by the weight of the bed against the bedroom wall. Others are screwed to the base of the bed with easy instructions included.

How do you pick a headboard style to suit?

You’ll get a deeper, more restful sleep in a bedroom that has a cohesive, organised and relaxed vibe. It’s easy to create a warm and welcoming bedroom when you shop our bedroom furniture collections, including:

  1. Beds from single through to king size in every design
  2. Mattresses to ensure the perfect night’s sleep
  3. Bedside tables to match your style of bed
  4. Chests of drawers (Tallboys) and dressing tables
  5. Bedroom storage items to eliminate clutter
  6. Bedroom suites - to make coordinating your bedroom furniture simple

When choosing a bedhead to work with your existing bedroom furniture or to match a new bed base or ensemble, firstly ensure that you match the sizing correctly. Match a queen bed frame a queen headboard and a king bed frame with king size headboard, for example.

Tufted headboards and padded headboards in trending neutral tones are easy to match with the bedside tables and quilt cover sets in our wide range to create a uniform look. A floor rug in bedrooms with hardwood flooring creates warmth and floor lamps soften the ambience.

The on-trend designs of our padded headboards and fabric headboards is likely to blend with most bedroom decor, so just go with a look that you love!

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