Dressing Tables
Dressing Tables

Dressing Tables

Designed to complement our stylish bedroom furniture collections, a modern dressing table with drawers and makeup mirror completes the set. Along with a tallboy or chest of drawers, the dressing table provides functional storage while a dressing table with mirror and a dressing table stool is also a handy makeup table!
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Bedroom Dressing Tables

Add a little sophisticated style combined with fabulous functionality to your bedroom with a matching dressing table!

What is a dressing table?

Historically ladies used dressing tables with a central space for a stool and banks of drawers down each side. They could store clothes and also sit to apply their makeup or do their hair, using the mirror. The men would use a tallboy, or chest of drawers.

Today a mirror dressing table with storage is a really handy piece of bedroom furniture. Even super small dressing tables with mirrors - perhaps more accurately described as vanity tables - provide a useful place to store makeup and apply it.

Typically, modern dressing tables feature six or eight drawers - three or four on each side - with a mirror fixed on the table top. They differ from tallboys and chests of drawers in that dressing table drawers are usually symmetrical so they are lower and wider than tallboys where the drawers are stacked vertically.

A dressing table is an optional inclusion in bedroom suites, typically but not necessarily including:

  1. Beds, ranging in size from single through to king size
  2. One or two bedside drawers
  3. A tallboy or chest of drawers
  4. A dressing table

Where should a dressing table go in a bedroom?

If you are using a compact dressing table as a makeup vanity you should place it where it gets the best light for makeup application. Or, do the whole movie star thing and get a dressing table with mirror and lights!

While you need good lights, you also need enough space for a dressing table chair or stool as well, so you can sit down to do your hair and makeup.

If your dressing table is going to be used as a bedroom storage piece with a mirror, make sure you have enough space to:

  • Open the drawers fully, and
  • Stand back to get a full view in the mirror

How do you organise a dressing table?

You may organise a dressing table in different ways as dressing table designs vary to include:

  • Compact dressing tables with a couple of small drawers, a mirror and space to sit and do your makeup.
  • 6 drawer dressers such as the Boulder available with a mirror sold separately.
  • 6 drawer dressers with mirrors such as the popular Silverwood, Sorvino, Trillian and others.
  • 7 drawer dressing tables like the Settler with two x two large drawers and three small drawers across a top row.
  • 8 drawer dressing tables such as the Boutique MKII featuring four large drawers and four small drawers alongside.

Small drawers are ideal for accessory items like jewellery and scarves, or as designated underwear, swimwear and sock drawers. Large drawers are perfect for storing clothes.

How do you style a dressing table?

When you minimise clutter in your bedroom you create a restful ambience, so keep decorative items to a minimum. It’s also easier to dust if you don’t clutter the space!

On the top of your dressing table you might add a couple of small decorative homewares items such as vases, lamps or cute little artificial plants alongside a photograph, jewellery box, hairbrush and comb set, and perfume.

Before you go shopping online or instore at Amart Furniture, decide if your bedroom storage needs include a dressing table, a tallboy or both!

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