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Quality outdoor dining furniture not only brings function and comfort to outdoor spaces it also adds an outdoor room to your home. The right tables, chairs and lounge sets can transform a basic patio into an enviable al fresco dining area.
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Moving out - outside that is

Australia has the perfect climate for enjoying the great outdoors. There’s plenty of sunshine, wide open spaces, beautiful beaches and more. Better yet, the fun doesn’t have to stop when you get home. Transform your home into a mini outdoor paradise with outdoor dining settings, an outdoor lounge set, a BBQ near the pool, and an outdoor bar for fun times with friends and family.

Finding the perfect furniture for your outdoor area

Whether you’re decking out an entertainer’s paradise that would rival your local bistro, or you’d like a sweet little set for your porch so you can soak up some sun with your cuppa, Amart has everything you need to make your outdoor aspirations a reality.

Shop by seat number, style, price, or material to find the perfect bar table set, outdoor lounge suite or dining setting for your place.

Outdoor furniture features

There are major differences between outdoor and indoor furniture. For starters, most indoor furniture is constructed and upholstered with materials that are not UV-resistant and therefore can’t handle exposure to sun or rain. In addition, some outdoor furniture should be kept under cover on a patio or other area where it won’t get wet. Here are some differences to be aware of.

Appearance: Furniture for outdoor living is purpose-built to withstand the elements. The construction is solid, materials are waterproof, and there are no gaps or hollows in which water can pool. Anti-rust treatments are used on metal, while wood is treated to repel rain and sunshine.

Functionality: While both indoor and outdoor furniture should be comfortable, indoor furniture cushioning is generally plush and soft. Outdoor furniture is practical and adaptable, although it can be eye-catching.

Lifespan: Indoor furniture generally lasts longer, but that all depends on how well you look after and maintain your outdoor pieces. With a little care and attention, the best Amart outdoor furniture can last for decades and still look great.

Wood type: Strong weather-resistant timber is best for outdoor furniture. Indoor furniture can be made with a variety of timber and composite materials.

Trending styles and sizes

Today more than ever, outdoor spaces are considered to be an extension of an indoor space. That’s why the latest trends in outdoor furniture are about blurring the divide between inside and outside. So a large outdoor lounge setting with a coffee table and an outdoor rug or a small and comfy 3-piece armchair and table set is a great way to enjoy the comfort of the indoors with the fresh air and elements of the outdoors.

Some more on-trend sets for your wishlist this season include:

Buying in sets means savings

Outdoor furniture sets take the guesswork out of pairing furniture together. What’s more, bundling them in a suite means special prices that work out cheaper than buying an outdoor dining table and outdoor dining chairs separately. From 7-seater outdoor dining sets to a 4-piece outdoor chaise lounge or a bench set, you’ll save time and money shopping at Amart.

Functional outdoor dining furniture

The aim is to improve your quality of life by enjoying outdoor spaces. Your perfect arrangement may be an outdoor dining setting of tables and chairs, an intimate 3-piece patio set for the secret garden at the end of your footpath, or even an entire outdoor lounge set with a coffee table. Perhaps you’d love a luxurious outdoor sun lounge to go next to your pool. At Amart, there is so much potential for enjoying your backyard.

Outdoor dining areas are perfect for entertaining friends, hosting kids’ birthday parties, or hanging out under the stars at night. Plus, cleaning up is a breeze - simply hose down your outdoor furniture (and your kids!).

Durable types of outdoor furniture

Are you wanting to create the perfect outdoor space but not sure which outdoor furniture materials you can trust? At Amart Furniture, we don’t want you to waste money on outdoor stuff that needs replacing in a year or two. All our furniture items are hand chosen for materials, workmanship, and price so you can have confidence in your purchase. Here are some outdoor furniture materials you can trust:

Wood: Natural and beautiful, wood provides a comfortable feeling in outdoor spaces. However, you should refinish and maintain wood every couple of years to keep its integrity and appearance.

Wicker: Lightweight modern wicker-style furniture is made with natural materials and PVC for genuine weather protection. Wicker is hugely popular for outdoor furniture.

Wrought iron: This is an extremely durable and long-lasting furniture frame material. Wrought iron is guaranteed to look good for decades. It’s also very heavy.

Aluminium: This is the most common outdoor furniture frame material. Aluminium is lightweight, stackable, durable, and won’t rust, making it perfect for outdoor furniture. It is also less expensive than other materials and available in wrought and cast aluminium.

At Amart, we have Australia’s best selection of metal outdoor furniture, glass outdoor furniture, plastic outdoor furniture, and wooden outdoor furniture for every type of home and price point.

Best outdoor furniture for cold seasons

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean the outdoor enjoyment has to stop - especially if you’re in one of the southern states like NSW, SA, or VIC with chillier winters than our northern neighbours. A complete backyard can include a safe, well-constructed fire pit or heaters. Here are just a few Amart outdoor products you can enjoy year-round.

How do you protect outdoor fabric?

The Australian weather can be harsh and damaging to outdoor furniture. Here are six tips to clean and maintain your outdoor furniture pieces.

  1. Anchor furniture down if you live in a high wind area.
  2. Protect cushion fabric with a spray-on sun and water shield.
  3. Seal wooden furniture with a coat of polyurethane.
  4. Keep less hardy furniture under the shade of an outdoor umbrella or awning.
  5. Store fabric cushions and covers when not in use.
  6. Use appropriate protectants on your metal, glass, and plastic outdoor furniture.

How long does wooden furniture last?

Outdoor wooden furniture can last for decades with periodic cleaning and maintenance. Choose high-quality outdoor furniture products from Amart Furniture and you will appreciate the difference.

Why not visit your local Amart store and experience outdoor furniture for yourself? With more than 200 stores Australia-wide, there’s bound to be one near you. Simply enter your postcode into our store locator. Take your time to sit back, relax, get comfortable, and speak to a helpful Amart service assistant for more advice and inspiration.

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