2 Seater Sofas

A 2 seater sofa can solve your lounge configuration dilemmas! Two-seater couches in fabric or leather are the ideal piece of living room furniture for smaller lounge rooms or can be the perfect partner to 3 seater sofas in big living rooms.
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2 Seater Sofas - The Perfect Solution!

Available in a range of designs offering versatile functionality and fine form, small but mighty 2 seater sofas are the box-ticking high performers of your living room furniture pieces.

2 seater sofas for you

Two-seater sofas may be a little unassuming in comparison to their big, bold corner lounge counterparts, but they are the quiet achievers doing great things in your living room space.

Often called a loveseat, a 2 seater sofa is designed for two people sharing an adjoining seat in one frame. Wearing many hats, a 2 seater sofa can be a:

Trending and popular 2 seater lounges

Keep up with the latest furniture trends in Australia, from the cultural mecca of Melbourne to Sydney’s sleek design scene. According to leading interiors experts, we’ll be seeing fresh colours, a shift in neutrals, and some different shapes. Here’s what is trending for 2 seater lounges along with some beautiful choices from our range to pop on your wishlist:

  • Brown as a neutral - brown is being chosen more right now than classic whites and dark greys. The Georgio Leather 2 Seater Sofa in Chestnut is an excellent option for brown that is on-trend now yet has classic appeal.
  • Asymmetrical shapes - emerging as a popular alternative to conventional shapes because they create visual interest, like the Bianco Fabric 2 seater in light grey or light blue.
  • Pastel colours - for a graceful injection of colour into your room, designers are seeing a rise in pastels, especially pink, as seen in the Luciano Fabric 2.5 Seater Sofa with 2 Electric Recliners.
  • Creating curves - moving away from straight lines and heading to curves for softness and a feeling of cosiness. The Chelsey Fabric 2-seater has curved arms and rounded cushions for an inviting yet modern look.

The average size of a 2 seater sofa

With so many different designs available, the average sofa size is hard to estimate.

The chunky style of the Orwell 2 seater sofa available in grey fabric measures 1920mm wide x 980mm deep but the sleek design of the Deluca 2.5 seater sofa with electric recliner is just 1730mm wide x 970mm deep.

A small 2 seater sofa such as the super cute Keller (1400mm x 860mm) takes up less space in small living areas than the luxuriously comfy Luciano 2.5 seater with two electric recliners measuring as wide as some 3 seater sofas at 2000mm wide x 1050mm deep!

Choose the right size sofa for your living room

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to sofa size in comparison to room size. However, you don’t want a big sofa to encroach upon traffic areas, or a small sofa to look lost within a large open plan space.

If your new sofa is set against a wall, you want to create a sense of balance by ensuring the sofa doesn’t span the entire width of the wall. Equally, you don’t want a narrow 2 seater couch against a wide wall unless you can create balance using:

Taking into account the amount of available space in the room, measure the width, depth and height of potential 2 seater lounges then allow ample walkway space around your lounge suite including accent chairs, coffee tables, ottomans and stools.

Range of colours and styles to fit any room

Looking for the perfect coastal-inspired couch to suit your rattan furniture? Or perhaps you’re after a modern contemporary sofa with removable covers to keep up with family living? Maybe you’re looking to design a lounge to your precise requirements with a modular set. Whatever colour, style, or function you need, from futons to home theatre lounges, Amart has something to fit the bill.

Shop our range by style or material online or drop into your nearest showroom and sink into one of our sofas for yourself.

The best material for a 2 seater sofa

The choice of materials in our stylish range of lounges and sofas include:

  • Faux leather sofas
  • Linen-look sofas
  • Upholstered velvet and fabric 2 seater sofas
  • Leather 2 seat sofas

Base your choice of material on your lifestyle, environment, and personal comfort preference.

Leather lounges and faux leather sofas are a popular choice for home theatre lounge sets where snacking tends to occur, because they are easier to wipe clean than fabric lounge upholstery. Particularly popular is the San Marco black leather 2 seater sofa with electric recliner functionality.

Velvet two-seater sofas are a luxurious option for formal lounge rooms or master bedrooms, while 2 seater fabric sofas are both comfortable and resilient in living areas of family homes with fabric protection products applied.

Styling your 2 seater sofa

You can leave your two-seater sofa to display its natural glory with no accessories, or you could choose to add one or two cushions and/or a throw rug for winter warmth.

Any accessories to your two-seater sofa need to tie the sofa with other elements in the room using colours or textures. If you have floor rugs, for example, you could choose a cushion colour that picks up a tone in the rug and complements the sofa.

What are some durable 2 seater lounges?

All Amart Furniture lounge fabrics are built for durability, however, the most outstanding materials for toughness include leather, faux leather, and thicker fabrics like velvet. Leather lounges have been proven to last up to 10 years longer than fabric lounges.

How many people can fit on a 2 seater lounge?

Unlike large corner sofas or 3 seater sofas, most 2 seater lounges are designed to fit two people, however, some 2 seater sofa designs are more spacious than others. Compact lounges like the Dickenson 2-seater are 152cm long while the generous Grandvue 2.5 seater is 192cm long.

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