Artificial Plants
Artificial Plants

Artificial Plants

If you don’t have a green thumb, you can still enjoy nature indoors with easy-care, and maintenance-free artificial plants, flowers, and small trees in pots. Shop online for a realistic range of greenery to add a touch of lush outdoors to your décor.
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Blooming Beautiful Artificial Plants

Join the crowd and create a low-maintenance, easy lifestyle with lifelike artificial plants in your living areas, bedrooms, bathrooms and even your alfresco!

Discover the best areas of your home to place an artificial plant

What should you do with a room that’s lacking in life and personality? Perhaps it has no natural light, making it impossible to include a living plant. Maybe you have a holiday home that needs maintenance-free plants to bring the outdoors inside, or perhaps you’re one of the many people who aren’t great at keeping real plants alive and that’s okay!

There are lots of great reasons to choose high-quality artificial plants over real plants and any room in your home is a great spot to place one. Create a green wall in your outdoor courtyard with a vertical garden of fake plants. Pop an artificial Yucca or Ficus on your kitchen bench or add a topiary as a feature on your dining room table.

What is an artificial plant?

Whether you call them faux plants, plastic plants or fake plants, artificial plants are not real. Artificial plants are made from a range of materials including silk, polyester, nylon and plastics such as polyethene. They are modelled on specific plant types and crafted to closely replicate the look of real plants such as monsteras, ferns, succulents, dracaenas, palms and more.

Faux plants are affordable homewares accessories. Any nook in the home can go from drab to fab with the addition of artificial greenery, a piece of wall art, a stylish rug and a lamp. Voila! You’ve created that glossy magazine look already!

Benefits of artificial plants

Artificial plants look perfect all year round. They don’t drop leaves or flowers and they don’t wilt or turn brown. The cat doesn’t pee in them and the dirt doesn’t end up on the floor. They need no watering, fertilising, pruning or repotting. The amount of sunlight in the room is always perfect for faux plants - and best of all, Artificial plants don’t die.

Shop plants and pots to decorate your living areas

You can shop the large range of artificial plants at Amart online or in-store at one of our showrooms. Amart has 67 stores around Australia, from Sydney to Perth, Darwin to Adelaide, Brisbane to Melbourne, and down to Hobart. You’re sure to find the perfect plant for your living area at an Amart near you.

Brighten up your bathroom with a plant

A touch of greenery in the bathroom can brighten a cold space, adding a soft touch to a hard surface. Depending on the space available, artificial succulents such as the sweet green Sedum look cute on the vanity or bathtub, while trailing plants like fake ivy or fluffy faux plants work well too.

Fill the empty corners of your home with a plant

Take the hassle out of watering and fertilising indoor plants with a faux plant. Green is a calming colour and the addition of nature into your interior spaces can enhance feelings of well-being. The glossy green leaves of a Fiddle Leaf Fig will inject a pop of nature to a dark corner, add some interest to a nook in your bookcase, or liven up a hallway table.

How to style a room with artificial plants

Using artificial plants indoors is the perfect way to bring the outdoors in without mess or maintenance.

Available in a wide range of sizes and styles, Amart’s range of artificial plants are sprouting in rooms all over Australian homes, from fake succulents on the kitchen windowsill to artificial palm trees or artificial bamboo in open plan living spaces, decks and alfresco areas!

Add stylish sophistication to your living areas by using quality artificial plants indoors. Place large artificial plants in corners or beside big furniture items and add cute little faux plants alongside vases on surfaces such as:

  • Coffee tables
  • Side tables
  • Consoles and hall tables

In spacious living areas, a combination of artificial trees and small trailing plants or fake hanging plants fill those empty nooks and crannies high and low. Pop a dangly string of succulent bean leaf so that it trails down a bookcase or down the side of a tall piece of living room or dining room furniture.

Kitchens, hallways, home offices and bedrooms also take on a fresh look when you include artificial plants alongside your decorative homewares items.

Cleaning your artificial plants

Cleaning is about the only maintenance your artificial plants need but even that is still easy! There are several ways to clean an artificial plant:

  1. Use a microfibre cloth or a duster to remove dust from the leaves.
  2. Wipe the leaves of your fake plants with a damp cloth.
  3. Take plastic plants outside and hose them down.

If you have artificial flowers such as artificial orchids or artificial sunflowers, check if they are made from plastics or silk before cleaning - gently wiping them with a damp cloth might be the best method for your more fragile artificial plants.

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