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Create the optimum working from home environment with our home office storage solutions including storage desks, bookcases and ... file cabinets! Find stylish space saving office furniture with storage space for important documents and files, office supplies and stationery storage too. Read more

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Office Storage Solutions for the Perfect Home Office

If you’re spending more time working from home, your home office will need better office storage furniture. You may have a fabulous office desk with storage drawers built-in, but is that providing enough space for all your office equipment, stationery, work files and documents?

Browse our exciting range of smart office storage solutions to reduce clutter and create a beautifully organised, efficient and inviting workspace.

What is office storage?

Office storage is a broad term for office furniture with space for storing and organising work-related items such as:

  • Files
  • Stationery
  • Documents
  • Books
  • Manuals
  • Equipment

Facilitating an organised and productive workspace, Amart home office furniture provides storage in a number of ways so that you can create an office space that works best for you.

Depending on what your storage needs are, you will find the perfect solution to your office furniture storage needs in our wide range, including:

  1. Office desks with built-in drawers, shelves or room beneath for mobile pedestals..
  2. Desks with shelves include flexible storage options including hutches, office credenzas and desktop storage drawers.
  3. Bookcases in a wide range of heights, widths, depths and designs.
  4. Display cabinets - perfectly stylish dust-free storage, creating an inspiring atmosphere and displaying prized possessions and workplace awards.
  5. File cabinets with two or three drawers for stationery and hanging files.

How to organise an office

A well organised workspace is the first step to achieving a productive and focussed mindset when working from home, where we know the distractions can be greater.

While finding the ideal desks and computer chair for a comfortable and ergonomic setup is a primary concern, installing the right office storage furniture for your needs is also important.

What do you need?

  1. Keep essential supplies and files at your fingertips with a desk that includes either built-in office drawers or space for under table drawers such as a mobile pedestal.
  2. If space allows, include a two or three drawer file cabinet. Not only can you store files in an organised and logical manner, but the drawers can contain all your stationery and small items, keeping your desktop clutter-free.
  3. If floor space is at a premium add a hutch such as the Eaglefield desk hutch for easily-reached extra shelf storage space on top of your office desk.
  4. A bookcase with adjustable shelves is the perfect place to store reference books or manuals as well as file storage boxes. Add some decorative accessories for a personal touch and use decorative storage boxes or baskets for items such as stationery or small pieces of office equipment.

What do you want?

With the essential office storage items in place, create a style and ambience that you find conclusive to working with focus and purpose. Items that might help you do this include:

  • Lamps - while not storage items per se, floor lamps are essential items helping you to see those files and documents you have stored, outside of daylight hours!
  • Display cabinets with glass doors are the perfect way to showcase work-related items such as industry awards and photographs alongside books, files and storage boxes
  • Boost the mood and stress less with an easy-care touch of greenery! Artificial plants are a great way to de-stress and lighten the vibe.
  • An accent chair near a window is the perfect spot to take time out from your desk without leaving the office.

Discover the connection between a tidy office and a focused and productive mindset with these new office furniture from Amart!

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