Product Safety

Furniture Safety & Tips

At Amart Furniture we care about the safety of our customers. Whilst every action is taken in manufacturing our products to the highest standard, you should be aware of some inherent risks associated with some types of furniture. Accordingly, if you have purchased a product which could pose a safety risk we encourage you to review the links below:

Toppling Furniture

- ACCC Household Furniture Hazards for Kids: safety Alert
- QLD Government: Furniture Stability
- ACCC Toppling Furniture: 2017 International Campaign
- OECD Furniture Tip-Over Awareness Campaign

Bunk Beds

- Think Safety First Bunk Beds
- ACCC Bunk Safety

Blinds & Curtains

- ACCC Blinds and Curtains Safety
- ACCC Blinds and Curtains

Product Safety Reminder

- Wall Anchor Safety
- Electric Recliner Safety
- Electric Lift Chair Safety

How To: Wall Anchor Installation