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Time to enjoy the refreshing feel of crisp new bed linen? Discover a fantastic choice of luxury bed sheet sets at affordable prices from Amart. Find ... your perfect bed sheets in a range of fabrics and thread counts, along with quilts - also known as doonas or duvets. Read more

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Snuggle In And Sleep Tight With Beautiful Bed Sheets Sets

Whether you’ve bought a gorgeous new bedroom suite or a bed and bedroom furniture, a comfy new mattress or you simply need new bed linen, you’ll find fitted sheets, top sheets and sheet sets as well as high quality quilts and manchester at Amart!

What are bed sheets?

While cotton bed sheets have been the mainstay of bed linen many years, today’s modern bed sheets come in a range of soft fabrics including:

  • Bamboo sheets
  • French linen sheets
  • Percale cotton sheets
  • Silk sheets
  • Microfibre sheets
  • Bamboo & cotton blend sheets

You can buy bottom fitted sheets and top sheets separately, or you can buy them as bed sheet sets. Sheets sets include pillow cases, fitted bed sheets and top sheets, so you have a complete matching set. We’ve got a great variety of bed sheet sets available at Amart, including the Perago Home range quality sheets and bedding.

Bed sheets are available in all bed/mattress sizes, from single bed sheets through to popular queen bed sheets and also XL king and super king bed sheets.

Tip: Go up one size in your top sheets, quilts and quilt cover sets to create extra coverage and overhang, especially if you sleep with someone who tends to hog the bed covers! Your fitted sheets need to be the same size as your mattress however.

Which bed sheets are the best?

Consider the material, weave and thread count when choosing the best cooling bed sheets for summer and the warmest bed sheets for winter.

The best cooling summer sheets

Breathable fabrics that make the best summer sheets include bamboo, linen and cotton. Each of these fabrics breathe well and are moisture wicking - meaning they absorb moisture and draw it away from your body. They can also be eco-friendly, natural and sustainable choices.

But even if the fabric has naturally good breathability, the tightness of the weave and the thread count can make a difference to how well it breathes. So while people often think a high thread count means the best quality it can also equate to a tighter weave and therefore less airflow for cool sleeping.

The best sheets for winter warmth

Great options for cosy winter sheets include flannelette, bamboo and silk or cotton sateen sheets. Look for high thread counts and tight weaves to retain body warmth.

Bamboo and silk sheets are hypoallergenic, anti-microbial and anti-fungal while being ultra soft. Along with linen, these natural fibres have the unique ability to keep you both cool in summer and warm in winter.

Flannelette sheets, or brushed cotton, are cosy to slip into on a cold winter’s night and help to retain warmth while you sleep.

How often should you change bed sheets?

The frequency that you should change your bed sheets depends on a few factors, but most people generally change their sheets about once a week. When should you change your bed sheets more frequently? If you:

  1. Have pets that sleep on the bed.
  2. Have allergies, asthma or skin sensitivities.
  3. If you are a hot, sweaty sleeper.

When you buy new bed sheets, you might also consider a new quilt, quilt cover sets (also known as doona covers or duvet sets), new mattress protectors or overlays and new pillows to create an entirely new and fresh bed for sound sleeping.

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