Vases add a finishing touch to home décor and can be used as a decorative piece or a flower vessel. Find the perfect statement vase made from glass, ceramic, terracotta, chrome or decorative woven materials for some designer flair on your bookcase or coffee table.
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Chic & Stylish Decorative Vases To Suit Your Budget

If you’re wondering how the home styling gurus get that effortlessly chic and sophisticated look, it’s with the finishing touches. Decorative vases add unique style and interest to home décor via texture, colour and shape.

What is a decorative vase?

Decorative vases are small pieces that make a big impact. A cluster of decorative vases in different shapes and sizes or a single decorative vase are the perfect statement pieces, adding interest and a glimpse of your personality to stylish interior design.

The best places for a decorative vase

There are plenty of spots around the home to place decorative vases with great effect.

  • Older homes may have a living room mantlepiece that just begs for decorative homewares items such as vases and small artificial plants.
  • A dining table looks great with a vase centrepiece holding fresh or dried flowers and dressed with placemats and a table runner. You could also run a line of candle holders down the centre of a rectangular or oval dining table.
  • There is often the perfect place for a decorative vase on a bookcase in your home office or living room.
  • That stunning console or hallway table you just bought will attract attention when adorned with a bold and beautiful decorative vase.
  • A cluster of decorative accessories including a decorative vase on your living or dining room buffet table or sideboard creates a stylish vibe.
  • Bedroom furniture such as chest of drawers (tallboys) and bedside tables take on a modern and sophisticated look when decorative vases are added. Look for a shade that complements the colour palette of your favourite quilt cover.
  • For the festive season, you could place wreath-shaped greenery with fairy lights wound through it for an ambient glow at your feast.

Our affordable range of decorative indoor pots and vases includes small and large ceramic vases, modern vases, small glass vases, big vases in bamboo, ceramic and terracotta, and new products arriving regularly. So it’s easy to find the perfect decorative vase to put anywhere in your home.

How to display decorative vases

Current trends in home styling place decorative vases in a cluster with other decorative homewares items.

Try these home styling ideas to see what you like:

  • If you have a ceramic lamp on a hallway table, buffet table or sideboard, place a ceramic vase in similar tones but a completely different shape at the other end.
  • Place a tall flower vase alongside a small vase in a chunky style on your coffee table or side table. Add an artificial plant for a touch of greenery.
  • Create a cluster of three similar decorative vases in contrasting shapes and sizes on any occasional table or side table next to your sofa. Cohesiveness comes from similar tones and textures; differences come from the variety of shapes.
  • Position a small pile of coffee table books in graduating sizes on your coffee table with a modern vase on top. Try the gorgeous Caplet blue and white vase or the popular Sapa black vase for great effect.

Mix and match decorative vases with your home décor

The Amart range of vases includes a variety of shapes, materials and styles so you can mix and match them with your home décor. Group vases together that share a similar colour but have different shapes and finishes like matte and gloss. Or match them by style for visual harmony. Decorative vases made from natural fibres bring earthy warmth into your home.

Keep an eye out for:

  • terracotta vases
  • glass vases
  • ceramic vases
  • stoneware vases

What to put in decorative vases

Many decorative vases make a statement on their own, with no need to put anything in the vase. Statement pieces like the white Nero vase use colour and texture for effect.

You can achieve a cosier vibe by adding faux plants to decorative vases. Try placing something like the trailing succulent bean leaf in a tall black décor vase or add a small artificial plant to a short decorative vase like the blue Miah vase with rattan detailing.

A tub vase is perfect for large greenery leaves and flowers like Hydrangeas while a bud vase will showcase a single-stem flower beautifully.

The perfect vase for your table centrepiece

Spruce up your table with a vase centrepiece. You could display fresh flowers, dried flowers or maintenance-free artificial flowers in your vase to bring a little nature indoors. Experiment with a large vase, small vase, medium vase, tall vase or tub vase on their own or grouped in assorted sizes and shapes.

Where can I buy decorative vases?

While you can spend a fortune on decorative vases at boutique home styling stores, Amart Furniture is the perfect place to buy vases online or in-store for budget-friendly prices. Why not give the gift of choice to a loved one with an Amart gift card? They can grab the homewares and furniture that’s been on their wishlist and use it online or in any of our 67 stores, from Perth to Sydney.

When you visit your nearest local Amart store you can also see new arrivals and great ways to display home décor vases with chic and sassy modern style!

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