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If you like your space you’ll love a big, roomy king bed where sleeping spread-eagled, star-shaped or any which way is comfortable! A luxuriously spacious king size bed base and mattress is the perfect choice for couples seeking undisturbed slumber with ample space to sleep in your preferred position.
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Gloriously Spacious King Beds - Fit For Royalty!

The best way to minimise partner disturbance is to not know they’re there! A spacious king size bed lets couples find their own comfortable sleep space with room to toss and turn without impacting on their partner.

What is a king bed?

A king bed frame is beaten only in size by the super king bed. King bed sizes are the second widest after super king size, and the same length - 203cm - as super king, queen and king single bed bases.

A king size bed base and mattress is perfect for people of all sizes along with restless sleepers, hot sleepers, and for those who co-sleep with kids.

What are the dimensions of a king bed?

The extra space in a king size bed over other beds comes in the width, not the length. King bed dimensions measure 183cm wide x 203cm deep, providing 30cm more width than a queen size bed and 20cm less than a super king bed.

Super king, queen or king beds are all 203cm deep which is about 6’8” in imperial sizing, so plenty long enough for most people.

Are all king beds the same size?

Standard bed sizes are based upon the mattress sizing and the internal measurement of the bed base where the mattress lies. This is why you always need the same size mattress as the bed base.

Of course a wide range of bed designs means that the amount of floor space a king bed occupies will depend on the total king bed frame size as they incorporate different materials and styles.

Compare for example the impressive Trillion king bed frame with storage measuring 2150mm wide x 2420mm deep in relation to the sleek Scandi-style Makena king bed measuring 1900mm wide x 2140mm deep - or the range of metal king bed frames which might only measure 1880cm wide x 2110cm deep.

What are the benefits of a king bed?

The obvious benefit of choosing a king size bed with a king size mattress is the ability to sleep beside a partner while enjoying the luxury of your own generous sleep space. The extra width afforded by a king size bed brings benefits such as:

  • Less partner disturbance
  • Better sleep quality
  • Cooler sleeping
  • Space for co-sleeping with children
  • A balanced look in very big bedrooms

How do you choose the best king bed?

The best king bed for you will depend on the available floor space in your bedroom, your design preference, your bedroom storage needs and your budget. Consider the range of options, including:

  1. A king bed with storage drawers might be the perfect piece of bedroom furniture to solve your bedroom storage needs, particularly if you don’t have room for a tallboy or chest of drawers.
  2. An upholstered king bed might provide that luxurious comfort and support for reading in bed or watching TV.
  3. Timber king bedroom sets can create that timeless, sophisticated look we all love in our bedroom furniture.
  4. And if you really want bedroom furniture fit for a king? Check out the Roseville 4 Post King Bed for the epitome of luxury!

For more help on choosing the perfect bed, check out our buying guide! And don’t forget to shop online for all your king size bedding accessories like king bed mattresses, nightstands, king bed covers, king bed sheets and king bed mattress protectors too!