Looking for the perfect night’s sleep on a bed ensemble? Discover the luxurious comfort and support a bed ensemble base and mattress delivers! Affordable and comfortable bedding solutions are easy to find in our wide range of bed ensembles - available in single right through to super king sizes!
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Bed Ensembles - Double The Comfort!

If you’re looking for the ultimate in supportive sleep comfort, consider a bed ensemble from our extensive range. Combined with a high quality mattress, ensemble bases and mattresses deliver double the support - an innerspring bed base to support the mattress and a mattress to support you!

What is a bed ensemble?

A bed ensemble is a bed base and mattress combined. An ensemble bed base is different to a bed frame in that an ensemble base has no bedhead or foot, and is constructed with springs inside a box base designed to evenly distribute your weight across a mattress.

At Amart Furniture you can find complete bed ensembles, ensemble bases only, and a wide range of mattresses from leading brands such as Sealy, Orthokinetic, Dream Elegance and Pure Form in all sizes including:

  • Single bed ensemble
  • Long single ensemble bases and long single mattresses
  • King single ensemble
  • Double bed ensemble
  • Queen bed ensemble
  • King bed ensemble
  • Super king ensemble bases and super king mattresses

You can buy an ensemble bed in two ways:

  1. As an ensemble base and a bed mattress separately, allowing you to choose a specific mattress to suit your needs.
  2. As a bed ensemble where the bed base and mattress are a pair.

How do bedheads attach to ensembles?

Our stylish upholstered bedheads are freestanding. They are held in place by the weight of the bed against the bedroom wall, so there are no installation instructions to follow and no tools needed - you simply slot the bedhead into place against the wall and push your ensemble bed base and mattress up against it - too easy!

How do you style an ensemble bed?

Need some tips? Stylists suggest that because they have no frame, ensemble beds are the easiest to make - giving you free reign to dress the bed however you like:

  1. Style your ensemble bed with manchester from Amart! Choose from a range of soft and luxurious textures in similar or complementary colours. You can create a cosy, layered look using sheets, quilts, quilt covers, pillows, cushions and throw rugs.
  2. Use similar shades in varying textures such as faux fur or chunky knits to create harmony with interest. You can also add pops of colour with feature cushions, but remember you want the ambience in your bedroom to be calm and relaxed.
  3. A bed skirt or valance can dress the bed base of ensemble beds, while the manchester can be upsized to create a draped look with bigger coverage. Opt for the same size valance and fitted sheet as your ensemble bed size, but go up a size with your top sheet and quilt so that there is overhang on all sides to create a cosy look and feel.

What are bed ensembles made of?

At Amart we feature the finest bed ensembles and mattresses from leading brands such as Orthokinetic and Sealy who specialise in supportive technology focused on both comfort and correct spinal alignment for healthy sleeping.

An ensemble box spring base provides additional support to the mattress, and therefore to you.

The engineering behind an ensemble bed base is designed to provide an even distribution of weight across the surface of the mattress. When weight is evenly distributed there are no pressure points which can create discomfort or pain.

Visit your nearest Amart store today to discover the deep-level supportive comfort and flexibility of bed ensembles.

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