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Is it time to splash out on a brand new modern lounge suite? Take a seat and start browsing because we’ve got lots of lounge suites in every shape, size and colour in fabric lounge suites, leather lounge suites and recliner lounge suites too!
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Lounge suites for comfort, value and style at Amart

One of the biggest and most important furniture items you’ll ever buy, the lounge suite is the focus of your living room furniture. With endless hours spent relaxing on a lounge suite, superb comfort is top of the list of must-haves. But given its prominence in the busiest room of the house, style is surely just as important. Lucky our wide range of fabric and leather lounge suites has the perfect lounge suite for you!

What is a lounge suite?

Trick question? No, it’s actually a very good question because it’s an expression often misused.

People sometimes refer to a couch or a sofa as a lounge suite, but technically a lounge suite has more than one piece of matching furniture. The word ‘suite’ has French origins and refers to a collection of things, for example a couch or sofa with a pair of matching chairs to comprise a 3 piece lounge suite.

Do the pieces have to match? Perhaps not! You could create your own lounge suite by choosing accent chairs to complement a 2 seater or 3 seater sofa.

At Amart Furniture we care more about the style and quality than the correct name, but we do have small lounge suites and large lounge suites to fit perfectly into your living rooms. For the ultimate TV viewing we also have home theatre lounge suites with all the bells and whistles you need to create a movie-theatre experience at home.

Of course if a lounge suite won’t work in your space, you can find exactly what you need in our selection of corner lounges, sofas and chaises, sofa bed lounge suites and sofa pairs too!

Why choose a lounge suite?

There are several reasons you might prefer a lounge suite over chaise lounges, corner or modular lounge suites, or a pair of sofas.

  1. A lounge suite includes two individual armchairs so you can have the ultimate supportive, contoured comfort with armrests too.
  2. A lounge suite may fit better with the available space in the room than other sofa sets.
  3. You can angle a chair to face your preferred direction, such as the TV, easier than you can angle a sofa.
  4. Every seat can have a coffee table or side table within easy reach when you have armchairs as well as a sofa.

How long should a lounge suite last?

Like anything, the durability of a product will be dependent on how it is used and maintained. If you have a large fur-family and young children, your lounge suite might need to be ultra resilient in order to last a long time. Conversely, if your lounge suite isn’t subjected to any undue wear and tear, it should last a number of years.

Typically you can expect many years of high performing comfort and style from your Amart lounge suite if you care for your fabric or leather using our Smartcare products.

Warranties for lounge suites are typically for 3, 7 or 10 years, with some variations for fabric/leather vs structural components.

How do you clean a lounge suite?

Always clean your fabric, leather or leather look lounge sets in accordance with the manufacturer’s care guide. Spills should be cleaned up promptly and only the recommended cleaning products such as Smartcare fabric and leather cleaning products should be used.

What are the best lounge suites?

Good quality materials and strong, supportive frames create the best lounge suites. Whether you prefer fabric or leather, fixed or reclining seats, you’ll find the best lounge suite for your home and budget at Amart online or in store.

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