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Display Cabinets

Display Cabinets

Wood display cabinets with glass doors are both functional and fashionable pieces of living room or office furniture. Glass display cabinets can ... showcase anything of note from trophies to lego, storing away essential home and office items while proudly displaying treasured decorative pieces or momentos. Read more

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Display Cabinets For Treasured Homewares

Discover 101 uses for modern display cabinets in your home office, living areas and even your kitchen! Offering the perfect opportunity to showcase your most treasured possessions in a dust-free zone, glass display cabinets are luxuriously stylish furniture items with fabulous storage capacities.

What is a display cabinet?

A glass display cabinet is used to store items that you might like on display not hidden away. Although a display cabinet with glass doors and built-in drawers like the solid acacia Silverwood offers the best of both worlds.

Small display cabinets are ideal for showcasing a small collection of specific items such as trophies or collectibles in a compact home office, living area or apartment.

But if you have the space, large display cabinets can feature a hand-picked selection of different decor items while complementing existing living room furniture pieces.

Where can you put a display cabinet?

The multi-talented wooden display cabinet with glass doors can fit perfectly into a number of areas within the home. Discover the benefits of a glass display cabinet in your:

  1. Home office
  2. Formal lounge room
  3. Dining room
  4. Wide hallway
  5. Kitchen
  6. Family room
  7. Open plan living area

What do you put in a display cabinet?

There is an endless selection of items you could put in a display cabinet. If your display cabinet is in your home office or study you might choose a bookcase shelf or a display cabinet to present:

  • Books
  • Decorative storage boxes
  • Artificial plants
  • Decorative vases or bowls
  • Awards, trophies or certificates
  • Framed photographs
  • Files

In living areas display cabinets are the perfect choice for storing and displaying your best glassware, alcohol, books, collectibles, decorative homewares items, vases and bowls - just for starters!

Glass display cabinets are perfect dining room furniture pieces offering a practical and beautiful way to store your finest crockery and serving plates, crystal, glassware, alcohol and ornaments.

If you have a beautifully big and homely eat-in kitchen and casual meals area, a kitchen display cabinet could hold your best kitchen crockery, serving plates and glassware while providing additional storage space.

Tip: To add a touch of chic and homely style pop a cute artificial plant in a lovely decorative pot on one shelf.

Are display cabinets old fashioned?

You may think of display cabinets as being big, old and dusty furniture pieces with rattling glass doors dominating your grandparent’s lounge room. In those days they were stuffed with decrepit books, historic photographs and seriously questionable china ornaments...

But today’s modern display cabinets are anything but old fashioned! An acacia or oak display cabinet with glass doors can have fresh Scandi appeal. Consider the versatile appealof a two-tone display cabinet in white and dark oak such as our Le Franschhoek, it boasts sleek and chic contemporary lines!

What are display cabinets used for?

If you choose a display cabinet with glass doors it can have great visual appeal when styled with suitable items, but fill it with uncoordinated accessories or use it to store junk and it will look more like a shop display cabinet than a fashionable piece of home furniture.

Popular uses for display cabinets excluding the usual decorative items include:

  • Display cabinet for Lego - where better to keep significant lego constructions safe and on show?
  • Display cabinets for collectibles - the perfect place for showcasing a specific hobby or interest.
  • Jewelry display cabinets for treasured family heirlooms and valuable pieces.
  • Alcohol display cabinets with glassware and top-shelf beverages - aka bar display cabinets.

Perhaps the most appealing use for glass display cabinets Australia wide is within the home office. Your home office is the ideal place to feature treasured items adding comfort and a personal touch to what is effectively a work space.

Where better to keep front and centre those items of personal interest that you may choose not to display in your beautifully styled living areas?

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