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Find the perfect double bed frames and double bed mattresses for your bedroom at Amart Furniture. Stylish and versatile, our extensive range of double beds includes bedding, beds with extra storage, bunk beds with double beds and gas lift double beds.
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Double Beds For Singles or Couples

Double beds offer the perfect compromise between a single bed and a queen bed. A double bed size fits perfectly into double bedrooms or large single bedrooms, providing a comfy night’s sleep for one or two people.

Should I buy a double bed?

A double bed very comfortably sleeps singles or couples. If you’re buying a double bed just for you that’s a great decision because it will afford you plenty of space to stretch out and sleep in comfort.

Choose a bed from our wide range of bedroom furniture to find a style of double bed you love, along with everything you need to create a comfortable place to sleep. As well as our diverse collection of beautiful double bed designs, you’ll find that our popular bedroom furniture range includes a great selection of:

Can a double bed sleep two?

A double bed size is designed for couples sleeping, fitting perfectly into large or small double bedrooms and big single bedrooms too.

While double beds don’t offer as much space for couples sleeping as queen size beds or king size beds, they provide suitable dimensions for two people to sleep comfortably side by side. If the two parties are restless sleepers and the bedroom is big enough, the extra width afforded by a queen size bed may provide a better night’s sleep for both.

Double bed dimensions

It is important to know the dimensions of the room and the bed, before you put the two together! Remember you may need to allow space for additional bedroom furniture such as bedside tables or a chest of drawers.

A standard double bed mattress measures 138.5cm wide x 190cm long. A double bed base or frame will be slightly bigger, the exact measurements depending on the style of bed.

Is a double bed a queen bed?

No, a double bed is smaller than a queen bed. A standard double bed size is 138.5cm x 190cm, whereas a standard queen size bed is much larger, measuring 152.5cm x 203cm.

You can use a queen bed top sheet and quilt cover set on a double bed to provide greater coverage down the sides and at the foot of the bed, which makes it warmer in winter. If two people are sleeping together, choosing bed linen in the next size up can prevent one party from hogging all the bedcovers!

What age should you get a double bed?

A double bed is a great way to transition your older child or teen into a bigger sleep space when they outgrow their single bed. It is a perfect size for sleeping solo and for couples too.

The right age to upsize to a double bed is a matter of personal preference. Often the decision to move from a single bed to a double bed is more about:

  1. the level of comfort required,
  2. the amount of space available in the bedroom,
  3. lifestyle choices, and
  4. budget.

These are the considerations which often determine when is the right time (or age) to move from a single bed to a double bed. Be sure to check out our range of kids beds to explore all sizing options.

Double beds with storage

Double beds with storage include double bases with two or three built-in drawers and gas lift double beds like the Pagosa Gas Lift Double Bed. If you’re short on storage space or floor space, double bed storage drawers can provide quite a significant amount of extra storage space for clothes, linen or whatever you need without adding another piece of furniture into the room.

Is a double bed the same as a twin bed?

No. The term ‘twin bed’ refers to a pair of single beds, and a double bed is wider than one single bed, although the same length.

Twin singles do provide the flexibility to make up two individual single beds, or pushed together and made up to create one double bed. As a single bed measures 91.5cm wide, a pair of twin singles pushed together do provide more sleeping space than one double bed.

Double bed designs

While you’ll find a wide range of double bed frames in a variety of colours, designs and styles including bedheads and frames in materials such as:

  • solid timber
  • timber-look
  • powder coated metal
  • upholstered

Shop online or at your local Amart Furniture store to browse our range of double beds which includes double ensembles which have innerspring bases and mattresses with no frame or headboard, double bunk beds, and double sofa beds too.