Chest of Drawers
Chest of Drawers

Chest of Drawers

A chest of drawers, tallboy, or dresser is a great way to increase the storage space in your bedroom. Shop our range of on-trend and traditional bedroom furniture online to find the perfect storage piece for your style and budget.
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4 Drawer Tall Chest

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4 Drawer Tall Chest

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Tall Chest

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5 Drawer Tall Chest

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Find the right style and size of drawers for your space

The bedroom storage that works as hard as you do! Chests of drawers are a high-use piece of furniture. Opening and closing multiple times daily to keep your clothes organised. Styles, sizes, and (as you’ll soon find out) terminology, can differ greatly when it comes to these beacons of bedroom order. There are sleek-looking, handle-free 8-drawer tallboys in dark timber finishes, or coastal-inspired rattan chest of drawers with light-wash timber features. So, we’ve put together this handy guide to help you work out which type is best suited to your needs and style.

Range of dressers, tallboys, and chests of drawers available

Dresser, tallboy, tall chest, lowboy - collectively, all these pieces of furniture are known as a chest of drawers. Essential to bedroom storage, especially if you’re tight on wardrobe space, a multi-drawer dresser is a must-have storage option. At Amart Furniture, our large range of bedroom storage varies so greatly in style and size that you may even find our chests of drawers are interchangeable with other pieces of furniture in your home, making them suitable for living rooms, hallways or even for use as a sideboard or buffet in your dining space.

Choose from a variety of styles and materials to suit your dΓ©cor, such as solid wood, or trendy MDF panel finishes, or light wash timber for a Scandinavian theme.

Chests of drawers and dressers with exquisite design

Take a look at the existing furniture around your bedroom and home to determine which style chest of drawers to choose. What style is your bedhead? What materials make up your bookcases and other storage furniture? Would a wooden chest of drawers suit the space, or should you be looking for something in a detailed synthetic mid-century finish?

Amart’s exquisite collection of chests of drawers are put together by a team of leading Australian interior designers to ensure our customers have access to beautiful pieces at affordable prices.

Chests of drawers & tallboys for stylish bedroom storage

A practical and beautiful chest of drawers or tallboy is an integral part of your bedroom furniture. Choose from our stylish range of tall chests. We have small chests of drawers for tight spaces or, for larger bedrooms, wide chests of drawers to fill out your bedroom space.

Range of chests of drawers and tallboys

A chest of drawers generally comprises a chest with a number of drawers stacked in a configuration of eight, six, five or four. Sometimes the top row of drawers may feature two smaller drawers side-by-side, commonly used for storing socks and underwear.

A 6-chest of drawers or an 8-drawer chest of drawers would be considered a large chest of drawers and therefore called a β€˜tallboy’ due to its height.

Tallboys and chests of drawers are the storage component of a bedroom suite typically used to store clothes. You can also buy a tallboy, chest of drawers or dressing table separately to complement your bed and bedside tables.

If you purchase an ensemble bed you can create a beautifully cohesive look by adding a stylish headboard, a modern chest of drawers and matching bedside tables.

Sizes available

Like most pieces of furniture, there is quite a variation in both the width and height of tallboys and chests of drawers. Compare the following popular designs with quite different dimensions:

It pays to measure the available floor space in your bedroom and browse our wide range of tallboys and chest of drawers to find the dimensions that work best with the available space in your bedroom.

Storage is the key

Tallboys and chests of drawers are typically used to store clothes. Often the top row of tallboy drawers comprises a pair of smaller drawers used to store underwear and socks with the remaining drawers used for all types of clothes. Drawer depth is particularly important if you want to store bulky items.

Tallboys are also a popular piece of furniture in:

  • Nurseries - where baby clothes and linens are stored and the top is used either to display accessories such as stuffed toys and photographs, or somewhere to sit a lamp, baby monitor and everyday items such as lotions and nappy creams.
  • Children’s bedrooms - providing easy access to clothes for children who dress themselves and a place to put a floor lamp, books, and favourite toys.
  • Bedrooms without built-in robes - providing essential storage for clothes.
  • Bedrooms with built-in robes - providing extra storage for clothes and bigger individual drawer space than typically found in a built-in robe.

Different tallboy and chest of drawer designs

Discover our wide range of designs in a variety of heights, widths, and depths along with contrasting styles to suit all sorts of bedroom dΓ©cor, including:

  • White chest of drawers for a fresh, contemporary look especially popular in a nursery
  • Black chest of drawers for bold, modern appeal - also loved by teens
  • Wooden tallboys and chests of drawers boasting classic style
  • Scandi, Hamptons, retro, minimalist, contemporary, coastal, rustic, and French provincial designs to complement a wide range of bed styles.

What is the difference between a chest of drawers and a dresser?

A dresser or dressing table is lower and wider than a chest of drawers. Dating back centuries, dressers were often referred to as lowboys. Originally designed with a mirror and room for a stool, a multi-drawer lowboy is where ladies sat to apply makeup.

Dresser drawers are typically an even number set in pairs, but occasionally a row of smaller drawers will be set across the top.

Find your favourite dresser and chest of drawer style when you shop wardrobes and more bedroom storage furniture online. Or head into your local Amart Furniture store to see them up close and chat to our friendly, expert team about product details, warranty, and delivery information. Simply enter your postcode into the store locator to find a showroom near you. We have 67 stores throughout Australia.

Why not browse the rest of our high-quality furniture and homewares while you’re there? From home office furniture to sofas, there will be plenty to pop on your wishlist.

What should you look for when buying a chest of drawers?

When buying a chest of drawers or a dresser, first measure the space where you’d like to put them to determine whether you need a narrow or wide design. Next, consider how much you would like to store in your drawers to determine how many drawers you will need.

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