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Wall mirrors in every shape and style await you in the large range at Amart. Buy a decorative mirror in-store or online, from understated round styles that suit any decor to statement pieces featuring rattan or gold embellishments.
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Make your space look and feel bigger with a wall mirror

The secret weapon of interior designers! Mirrors make small spaces feel bigger and dark places look brighter. From bringing more daylight into your home office to an eye-catching focal point in your living room, a new mirror might be just what you need to improve your interiors.

Buy wall mirrors in a range of shapes

The extensive range of stylish mirrors at Amart is available in a variety of shapes and can be used as a decorative mirror anywhere in your home, from a bathroom mirror or vanity mirror to a makeup mirror above your dresser.

You’ll find the following mirror shapes in our range:

  • Round mirrors
  • Rectangular mirrors
  • Oval mirrors
  • Arch mirrors
  • Free-standing and full-length mirrors
  • Square mirrors
  • Unique-shaped mirrors.

Discover wall art, wall decor and wall mirrors for every interior

Amart’s wall decor range includes affordable mirrors and framed canvas prints to suit any interior. Here are a few ideas for wall decorating that will work with the theme of your homewares and decor:

  • Minimalist - pared-back artwork or a slim frame mirror to complement your minimal look.
  • Hamptons - a classic look, in white timber or a metal frame mirror. Or wall art with a blue and white botanical print like the Blue Autumn Wall Art.
  • Moroccan - a Moroccan streetscape or an unusually shaped mirror with gold embellishments like the Austen Mirror.
  • Glam Luxe - add some sparkle with a silver or gold framed mirror or some bright wall art with a splash of gold paint.
  • Coastal - a natural timber or rattan framed mirror or a seascape painting. A nice example of a coastal-style mirror is the Jesberg Arch Mirror.
  • Contemporary - you have a lot of freedom with a contemporary look. Go for anything modern, asymmetric or a little bit abstract like our Colourscape Wall Art.

Decorative wall mirrors in different styles & finishes

Your choice of frame style can have a big impact on whether your new mirror will suit your room. Stainless steel and other metal frames can look traditional or contemporary depending on the style and finish. While a timber frame will also work with numerous interior design styles, from coastal to boho or classic to country.

Amart has a style for every decor. So, you can elevate the elegance in your dining room with a mirror above your buffet, creating more light at your dining table. Or head outside to hang a mirror in your outdoor living space to lift a dark corner behind your outdoor dining set.

Upgrade your living space with a new wall mirror

You can use a mirror to improve your living space in so many ways. One of the more obvious options would be to hang it on the wall behind your sofa, armchairs, or bookcase for a big, beautiful statement in your room. However, there are a few other clever ways to use mirrors to help you get around some challenges with small spaces, crowding, and lack of light. A mirror behind furniture in a tight space will open the area visually, and to brighten a room, place a mirror behind a floor lamp or table lamp to double the amount of light cast by the lamp.

Mirrors to suit all the decor in your home

No matter what interior styling you have in your home, there’s a mirror in the Amart range for you. Choose a mirror frame that ties in with the colours and home decor pieces of your room. For example, a wood frame to go with your timber coffee table or a rattan frame to pop against a white wall in a coastal-style home.

And if you aren’t sure how to bring the look together, you can’t go wrong with a frameless mirror like the Domingo Mirror - the perfect choice to suit any aesthetic.

From floor mirrors to wall mirrors, find the right mirror for you

Shop for mirrors online using our style, colour, and price filters to find the right one for your home. Or head to an Amart store to check out our range in the flesh and be the first to see any new arrivals. With 67 stores across Australia, there’s bound to be one near you. Enter your postcode into our store locator for your nearest showroom.

Complement your large spaces with wall decor

While a large room may not need the help of a mirror to create the perception of more space, you still have the wall decor world at your feet when it comes to choosing what to hang. If you love mirrors, consider a feature wall of small mirrors in interesting shapes and styles. This will bounce light around your room and create a unique focal point. Or if you’d like to hang artwork, a large wall is the perfect place for a huge feature piece of wall art because it will complement rather than dominate the space.

Make your bedroom brighter with a large wall mirror

If you’re like most people, you’ll agree that a mirror in your bedroom is a must for checking how you look before leaving the house. But a well-placed mirror can provide more than practical benefits. A wall-mounted mirror above your bed or on the wall opposite your bed will make your bedroom feel larger because it tricks the eye into perceiving the mirror as a window. So, if you’d like to brighten your boudoir, a mirror could be just the thing.

Stylish round mirrors for your entryway

It’s amazing how the addition of a mirror to your entry foyer can improve the ambience and mood of your home. After all, an entryway is a guest’s first impression of your home. A mirror will not only lighten the space but will also make it feel larger.

How much on average does a wall mirror cost?

The cost of a wall mirror varies depending on the amount of decorative detailing, the quality of the materials, and its size e.g., a large mirror with a heavy timber frame will cost more than a frameless mirror. Browse Amart’s quality range of affordable large mirrors beginning at $99.

Do I need someone to install a wall mirror?

Just as you might need a few basic tools to assemble some living room furniture, that’s all you’ll need for a wall mirror. If the mirror you’re installing is heavy and you’ll be hanging it on a gyprock wall, ensure you hammer/drill your hook into a timber stud behind the gyprock.

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