Cushions are small but impactful home décor items that greatly impact your home's ambience! Shop at Amart to buy cushion covers, linen and throws that coordinate beautifully with the colour and style of your indoor and outdoor spaces.
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Decorate effortlessly with stylish cushions

Are you striving to get your cushions looking like something you’d see in an interior design magazine? Well, now you can. And with the affordable range of stylish cushions at Amart, you won’t be paying designer prices, either!

Stylish cushions that complement your furniture

Did you know that the right cushions can turn a lounge that’s a little drab into something rather fab? Stylish cushions with a generous, plush cushion insert will lift the look of your living room and create a welcoming softness that beckons you to sit down. For sofas that are already fab, cushions in complementary styles and colours will further elevate the look and comfort of your living space.

Liven up your living space with our range of colourful cushions

Cushions add colour and practicality to living spaces. A bright, beautiful cushion not only looks great but can also offer you back support as a lumbar cushion. If you’re entertaining guests in your living room, your couch cushions can become floor cushions for anyone seated on the floor.

Play with your favourite accent colours in your wall art or floor rug to choose cushions in a complementary colour palette.

Mix and match your home decor pieces with our range of cushions

Interior design experts recommend placing pops of your accent colour into your interiors via your home decor selection. For example, if you have a piece of wall art that is the hero of your room, you could pick up a colour/s from this painting and add a vase, cushion/s and a floor rug with matching or complementary tones.

Shop our home decor range by colour online and enjoy free delivery to anywhere in Australia, from inner-city Melbourne to country Queensland. Grab kids’ cushions, round cushions, faux fur cushions or outdoor cushions for enjoying alfresco entertaining under the Australian sun. Keep an eye out for fresh styles in our new arrivals section for all the latest looks and inspiration to add to your wishlist.

Add texture with cushions

Switch up your textures and shapes to create visual interest and an increased sense of comfort on your couch. The following types of cushions will bring texture and tactile warmth to your space:

  • linen cushion
  • velvet cushion
  • fringe cushion
  • cotton cushion
  • boucle cushion
  • tassel cushion.

You can also switch up the shapes by grouping a square cushion, round cushion and bolster cushion.

Cushions for different home décor styles

Coordinated cushions and home decor can create a particular mood or ambience in the home by using similar textures, tones and designs across a range of decorative accessories. Popular home décor styles include:

  1. Scandi style with soft colours and fresh, no-fuss, minimalist feels.
  2. Hard surfaces, earthy tones, natural fibres and leather combined for the bold and edgy industrial style.
  3. Beach-inspired calm blues and sand colours create a coastal decor theme.
  4. Cool and classic Hamptons style with nautical stripe cushions, fresh whites and cool blues.
  5. A nature-inspired botanical theme with shades of brown, sage or teal.
  6. Textures and patterns of boho cushions.
  7. Contemporary style displaying sleek lines and smooth finishes.

How to display cushions

Choose two or three complementary accent colours for your cushions taking inspiration from other colours in your room. You can contrast any of these colours with monochrome palette favourites of black, grey, or white.

Try starting with a large square cushion at the back, then add a slightly smaller round cushion, and place a bolster cushion or rectangular cushion at the front of the group. Follow the same idea for grouping scatter cushions on armchairs. And as a rule of thumb, odd numbers of cushions look better than even numbers.

In your bedroom, you’ll want a layered look of plush comfort for your bed. Choose colours that work with the tones of your quilt cover and pillowcases. Prop up the pillows you sleep on against your bedhead, then place two large square or European pillows in front of them. In front of those, place another two cushions that are smaller than the square cushions and are either rectangular or round. Then finish off the look with a throw rug in a complementary colour to your bed linen draped over the lower part of your bed.

Why home decor is important

Home is the place to be yourself so it should reflect your tastes and interests. A great way to do that is through your home decor which not only includes your wall colours, floors and furnishings, it’s also the smaller homeware pieces that bring it all together. Hang wall art that you love, collect vases and decorative items that mean something to you, and select cushions for your living room that create a comfy space to connect with family, or as gift to your mom or special someone, or zone out with a book or tv show.

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