Create a work-space where you will feel organised, inspired and productive.

Having a functional and inspiring work-space makes all the difference between a productive day and a day where you struggle to get the job done. Studies show a cluttered or chaotic work environment curbs your capacity to concentrate, limiting your brain’s ability to process information, leading you to distraction and procrastination.

It’s amazing how personal documents, bills, books, school work and stationary can take over the dining table or kitchen counter. You don’t need a large space or room to create a simple functional home office, just a small corner, or make use of natural lighting and place a desk and chair under a window.

At Amart Furniture we offer a huge range of desks, in a wide variety of colours and finishes, from simple styles perfect for the kids to do their homework, to stylish designs to suit dual-purpose living. With the kids about to head back to school, now is a great time to refresh their study area and give, them plenty of room to spread out and make homework fun!

When choosing a desk keep in mind the size of the space you have; corner desks work well when you want to maximise a small space, and take into account how the desk will be used, for what and by who; is it a simple desk for the kids, a special place to call your own or are you running an empire?

If you work from home or are in need of something bigger than a study nook, our generously-size desks like the the SILVERWOOD Corner Desk is the perfect solution, designed with all the style and space for you to spread out and get the job done.

To compliment your new desk, don't forget to add a Bookcase and storage unit to keep books, homework resources and stationary in all one central location, or a Filing cabinet to keep your paperwork organised and tidy. Our range of storage solutions will suit every style and budget, in whatever size and style you need, with many matching our simple desk solutions to bring a cohesive look to your décor.

Our Home Office Furniture has been designed with you and your family in mind and provide comfort and functionality - there’s something to suit everyone!