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Industrial Inspired - Shop by Style

27 February 2016 | Category: Shop by Style

Industrial Inspired

Add unique and edgy style to your home!

With its pared-back surfaces, clean lines, and emphasis on metal and wood, industrial inspired style takes its cues from the workaday past. The defining trait of this look is a complete lack of excess – you’ll see this in the basic materials used, the absence of vibrant colours, and the simplicity of the furniture.

You’ll love this look if you love:

  • Repurposing or salvaging objects
  • A minimalist approach to decorating
  • Cool colours
  • Open spaces
  • Looking to the past for style inspiration.

Here are our tips for creating the look on a budget:

  • To add some colour to your spaces but still maintain a minimalist, earthy feel, place potted plants around your rooms.
  • Show off your pots and pans! If you can’t expose your pipes and architecture, instead opt for open shelving where possible.
  • Don’t worry about adding rugs to your floors – this look is all about evoking a warehouse vibe.
  • Visit second-hand stores, look online, or keep an eye on roadside pick-ups to find unique, vintage treasures.

• Think about how you can repurpose items such as wooden crates, bottles, ladders, jars, nails, piping, gears and bolts.

At Amart Furniture, we love homes and we love providing our customers with unbeatable prices, clever designs, and smart styles. Want to make over your home in industrial inspired style? Start by browsing through our range of products below!

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