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Just add Colour - Shop by Style

4 December 2015 by Super Amart | Category: Shop by Style

Just add Colour

Bring a burst of colour into your living spaces!

Full of character and flair, the Just Add Colour style will have your home looking warm and festive in no time at all. Whether you are pairing vibrant homewares with your neutral sofas, chairs, and tables, or opting for vivid furniture pieces, colour can help you brighten up your spaces and channel your unique personality.

You’ll love this look if you love:

  • Experimenting with colours and textures
  • Having warm, intimate living spaces
  • Making a statement
  • More contemporary styling
  • Refreshing your décor regularly.

Here are our tips for creating the look on a budget:

  • Frame and hang your own – or your kids’– artwork on your walls.
  • Try and incorporate coloured glass bottles into your living areas and position them near windows so that light shines through.
  • Place bowls on your coffee, lamp, or side tables and fill them with vibrant-coloured wooden bead necklaces and bracelets.

Keen to recreate this look at home? Get started by checking out our beautiful range of colourful accessories and furniture below. Nobody beats Amart Furniture when it comes to clever designs, smart styling, and unbeatable prices.

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