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Luxe Living | real living magazine

8 June 2015 by Super Amart | Category: real living & Homes Plus

Luxe Living

Amart Furniture is excited to partner with real living stylist Jackie Brown to bring you the latest looks for your home with the Smart Styling series. In the May edition, Jackie demonstrates how you can create a luxe living room. On this page you’ll find the products Jackie used to create the stunning look you see above.

Are you keen to create your own luxe living room? Jackie says the key feature to this look is a sophisticated colour palette. Think classic, but with a dramatic twist; like charcoal accented with white. Designs should be confident, so choose furniture of decent proportions with simple lines and strong neutral hues.

A sofa or two is always the best place to start furnishing a living room. Jackie likes to mix up a modular with a regular two seater, such as the Marshall used here, as it envelopes a coffee table beautifully. Speaking of which, Jackie likes to balance the square lines of the sofas with a curved coffee table, like the Hardwick.

Jackie loves to use functional décor items like mirrors, clocks, and wall art to accessorise a luxe living room. Another one of her favourite things is to create vignettes by stacking books, ornamental boxes, vessels, and flowers. Try grouping them within a tray or on top of a large coffee table book.
There are two very easy ways to add colour to a luxe living room; feature artwork and cushions on the sofa. Jackie suggests starting with the artwork and then picking out a colour to use in the cushions, as she did here with the citron yellow.

Jackie’s top tips for creating a luxe living room on a budget:
When stacking books, choose ones with coordinating covers to keep the flow of colour.
Mix up solid colours with patterns and use different fabrics in cushions on the sofas.
Bring in a large potplant to display in the corner of the room. Simple, but effective.

Watch how Jackie created the Luxe Living

...or check out our behind the scenes video!

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