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Kids Paradise | real living magazine

6 October 2014 by Super Amart | Category: real living & Homes Plus

Kids Paradise

Amart Furniture is excited to partner with real living stylist Jackie Brown to bring you the latest looks for your home with the Smart Styling series. In the November edition, Jackie demonstrates how to create a playful and practical bedroom your child will love. On this page, you’ll find the products Jackie used to create the funky look you see above.

Are you keen to create a kid’s paradise in your child’s bedroom? Jackie says the key elements for a great kid’s room are for it to be fun, playful, whimsical, and reflective of their personality. Let your kids get creative in their own room - with a little help from mum and dad, of course!

Start with a bed that’s able to withstand jumping, fort-building, monsters living underneath it, pillow fights, etc, and then build the look by decorating with items your kids love. Jackie suggests storage should play a big part so unsightly bits can be stashed when there’s friends over to play.

The Marley quilt cover served as Jackie’s colour inspiration in this look, and she went for a graphic take on pastels. She suggests avoiding red as it won’t be conducive to sleepy time! When choosing your child’s décor, Jackie’s advice is to invest in classic pieces that won’t date, so they’ll last as your child grows older.

Watch this video for how to create the Kid's Paradise look!

Or see our behind the scenes video!

Jackie’s top tips for decorating a kid’s bedroom on a budget:

  • Soft furnishings are affordable, easy to update, and provide extra padding when the kids are playing around.
  • Choose some quality handmade toys in materials such as wood or fabric. Not only will they last – they will serve as great decorative accessories too.
  • Think DIY. Create a ‘wallpaper’ with your kids, or hand their paintings in frames to make a fun art gallery.

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