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Kids Zone | real living magazine

1 July 2015 by Super Amart | Category: real living & Homes Plus

Kids Zone

Amart Furniture is excited to partner with real living stylist Jackie Brown to bring you the latest looks for your home with the Smart Styling series. In the July edition, Jackie demonstrates how you can create a cool kid's room. On this page you'll find the products Jackie used to create the stunning look you see above.

Are you keen to create your own cool kid's room? Jackie says the key feature of this look is a comfy bed with fun bed linen and accessories, plus good storage for all their belongings. You want to make your child feel like this is their own little haven!

Jackie says the bed is definitely the starting point when furnishing a kid's bedroom. Think about the age of your child, and get a bed that's appropriate. If your child likes to have their friends around for sleepovers, Jackie suggests considering a bunk or trundle bed. If they're approaching their teen years, perhaps even go for a double bunk like the Barn single-over-double bunk bed used here.

A shelving unit is another important piece in a kid's bedroom. It could be a small bookshelf, or a full-size unit that spans a wall. Use it to store all their books and toys and display their favourite knick-knacks. Jackie suggests organising like items together to create mini vignettes, or corral things into a pretty basket and display that in one of the shelves. The bottom shelf is also the perfect place to store spare blankets so they are within easy reach for little ones.

When it comes to accessorising, Jackie recommends lots of fun cushions and throws on the bed. Not only will these make them feel cosy at bedtime, but they're also essential for building cubby houses! Comfortable and colourful bed linen is also important, and Jackie suggests laying a rug on the floor too, even if you have carpet, as it's a great way to add pattern and colour. A lamp near the bed is a necessity for night-time reading, and you could also add a cool night light.

To finish off the room, add art! Go for what your child loves, and even frame their own creations. Jackie recommends also picking something that works with the scheme of the room. Typographic prints are on trend, and you can have fun with sayings.

Jackie's top tips for creating a kid's room on a budget:

  • Make your own typographic art by typing your child's favourite sayings on the computer, then print them out and frame
  • Update cushions and pile them everywhere - bed, chair, floor...

Watch how Jackie created the Kids Zone

...or check out our behind the scenes video!

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