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Colonial Twist | real living magazine

1 March 2015 by Super Amart | Category: real living & Homes Plus | Tags: real living mag

Colonial Twist

Amart Furniture is excited to partner with real living stylist Jackie Brown to bring you the latest looks for your home with the Smart Styling series. In the March edition, Jackie demonstrates how you can create a beautiful colonial style living room. On this page you’ll find the products Jackie used to create the stunning look you see above.

Keen to create a colonial style living room of your own? Jackie says in any living areas, the key pieces are the sofas. The generous proportions and beautiful charcoal colour of the Hurley sofas perfectly offsets the second part of colonial decorating: the wooden furniture. Timber brings a lovely warmth to the room, as well as a traditional feel that nods to the British colonial style. The Lofty range featured in this look is constructed of FSC certified and Australian grown wormy chestnut timber with a beautiful light walnut finish.

To accessorise the look, Jackie suggests handcrafted pieces in natural materials like glass, wood, and stone, which look like they’ve come from a far-away and exotic place. Plants are also a must! Many of the British colonies were in warm climates with lush plants, so this became a key element of the style. Continue the exotic flavour by adding animal and tribal motifs, seen here through the use of artworks, cushions, a throw, and a rug.

Jackie advises keeping the colour palette neutral but dramatic, with contrasting light and dark tones; think black, white, charcoal, ivory, tan, sand, and clay.

Jackie’s top picks for decorating a living room on a budget:

  • Cushions are the easiest way to update a sofa. If you love your colour scheme, choose different fabrics and textures to mix things up.
  • Lean artworks against the wall instead of hanging them. You can even layer them up, starting with larger ones at the back.
  • Raid the garden for greenery to display indoors, whether it’s a bunch of leaves, a single stem, or a pot plant.

Create the look in your own home with these products!

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And these homewares and accessories.

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Watch how Jackie created the Colonial Twist look!

...or check out our behind the scenes video!

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