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Brooklyn Style Boudoir | real living magazine

4 May 2015 by Super Amart | Category: real living & Homes Plus

Brooklyn Style Boudoir

Amart Furniture is excited to partner with real living stylist Jackie Brown to bring you the latest looks for your home with the Smart Styling series. In the May edition, Jackie demonstrates how you can create a Brooklyn-style boudoir. On this page you'll find the products Jackie used to create the stunning look you see above.

Are you keen to create your own raw urban bedroom? Brooklyn-style is all about cool casual, so if you can, Jackie suggests starting with an exposed brick backdrop. Don't worry if you don't have brick at your place – you can get brick wallpapers these days. Or, if you'd prefer, just stick to white walls. Jackie also recommends leaving your windows curtain-free to let in as much light as possible.

When it comes to your furniture, Jackie says the starting point is definitely the bed. For this look, she chose the Industrial bed for its cool, reclaimed timber vibe, and because it's up on legs rather than a solid base.

If you have the room, create a studio vibe by adding a sofa or an armchair, such as the Country accent chair seen here. Beyond that, look for industrial-style bedsides and storage – Jackie chose items from our Industrial and City2 range for their timber and metal construction. Choose a chunky chest of drawers, and if you have a TV in the bedroom, continue the industrial the look with an entertainment unit.

Jackie suggests accessorising this look using inky blues, greys, army greens, and other deep but muted colours as they work well against brick, white walls, and timber furniture. When choosing your bedlinen, don't choose anything too girly, stick with the solid darker colours. Then pile up the cushions, but again, go for something that feels a little bit more masculine. Elsewhere lay a big textured rug, and place some funky lamps around the place. To add that finishing touch, bring in some plants. Jackie suggests going for about three to add just a touch of greenery. Choose a mix of tall and small plants and put them both on the floor and on your furniture.

Jackie's top tips for decorating a Brooklyn-style boudoir on a budget

  • Put leaves and branches in vases instead of flowers
  • Create eclectic vignettes with bits and piece you've bought, collected, and found
  • Hang banners or fabric artworks on the walls

Watch how Jackie created the Brooklyn Style Boudoir

...or check out our behind the scenes video!

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