Creating not one, but two study nooks for 2 little girls sounds like a fun challenge!

A challenge that Casey Lucas from @lucasgirlslove has recently undertaken to transform her daughter's bedrooms into multifunctional spaces. Here, Casey shows us how she has styled our Fillmore Study Desk and Bentwood Chair to create two unique, yet complementary study areas for her girls, Emme and Norah. Spaces that can change and adapt as they grow older and progress through their schooling.


Introduce us to the Lucas'

We are a fun loving family of four who live in a coastal suburb of Perth, Western Australia. With country in Dad's veins we love to be outdoors and have adventures together, but we can also be homebodies and enjoy our time pottering around at home just as much.

With our two girls now of school age, we are building spaces for them to create and learn. We believe everyone learns differently and have enjoyed giving them their own unique environment to do so. We've chosen the Filmore Desks for each space because they offer storage with their central drawers and shelving and have a white base and light coloured timber-look top which work perfectly with the rest of the girl's bedroom décor.

Emme's Study Nook


The Wonderer - Our girl Emme is inquisitive and a deep thinker. She loves nature play, words and puzzles. We wanted to create an area that was encouraging, calming and one that allowed her to express herself through quiet play. This is the environment that she learns best, as we found some beautiful pieces to match the natural wood of the desk.

We've used a neutral toned wallpaper with metallic accents, that adds a hint of pattern and texture. Light timber elements have been used to decorate the space, incorporating toys and personalized items just for Emme.

Styling Tip: Add picture ledges or book shelves above the desk for extra storage and to display treasured sentimental items




Norah's Study Nook


The Girly Girl - Norah is our princess. She is a very active little girl, is very practical and learns through play. So that said, she needs a creative and fun space to grow and learn. We chose to add some pastel colour to her area as well as a little makeup corner for her to role-play. She will spend hours in here chatting to herself in the mirror!

The wallpaper we have chosen uses a fresh mint coloured base, teamed with polkadot pops of pink and white. The colour palette for her accessories have been chosen using the pastel wallpaper as inspiration, with pink as the hero colour for contrast against the mint wall.

Styling Tip: Decorate the space with your child's favourite toys that complement the colour scheme