Some people collect stamps. Others have a thing for vintage coins. But you? You find joy in the tiny details that give each room in your home a heartbeat… all those final touches that transform a space, bringing it to life with style and a story.

Yep, décor addicts can find themselves surrounded by beautiful things (or sometimes, raised eyebrows), and if homewares are your thing, you’ve probably been here before:

1. Your cushions are for show, not for comfort

And you don’t mind telling your guests not to use them. They’ve been perfectly fluffed and positioned, after all. Your cushions aren’t there for back support, they’re there to make a statement.

2. An empty table surface is your favourite canvas

An empty dining, coffee, or lamp table confuses you. Where is the beautiful floral arrangement? Where are the trendy placemats? Where are the scented candles? You sometimes forget a table’s key use isn’t to display pretty things.

3. You love moving house

To most people, moving house is one of the most stressful things they’ll experience. But for you, it’s an opportunity to rearrange your furniture and décor items in a new setting. It’s like creating a home on The Sims, but better!

4. Pinterest is your happy place

And you could spend hours scrolling through interior décor ideas. The inspiration is endless, and you’ve mentally decorated every room in your home over and over with the different styles you’ve found.

5. Your friends and family know to gift you vouchers

The people who know you, know you love décor. But they also know if they bought you a vase or knickknack, you wouldn’t be shy about returning it for store credit. Come Christmas time, you’re getting vouchers.

6. You have to stop yourself from rearranging other people’s homes

You find yourself distracted every time you go to a friend or family member’s house. Their hall table is too cluttered, that armchair would look better in the corner, and that wall needs a piece of art. While some of your loved ones welcome your advice, others prefer you to keep your ideas to yourself.

7. You own one too many scented candles

Credit: @pinksugarstyling

If it’s a crime to have a pleasant smelling home with ambient lighting, you’d happily be locked up. While some people roll their eyes when they receive a candle for their birthday, you immediately start imagining where you’re going to put it.

8. Your social feed and email inbox are mostly homewares catalogues

You’ve liked, followed or signed up with just about every homewares store out there, and the mere mention of a sale is enough to have you filling up your imaginary shopping cart and counting the minutes til your next payday.

Go ahead and browse our stunning Homewares – we won’t tell. After all, is it even possible to have too many cushions? And don’t forget, you can feed your homewares obsession with more décor inspo on our Instagram.