Pets are very important members of the family, and they should be treated as such. To accommodate for their fur babies’ needs, more and more people are looking for ways to make their homes extra pet-friendly. And rightly so!

Make your pets’ home life a little easier by with some of these ingenious ideas. (Bonus: They might make your life easier, too!)

1. Easy Pet Station


By using a simple bathroom trolley (which you can pick up for cheap from Kmart), you can make your dog their very own pet station. Simple yet super effective for storing their stuff!

2. DIY Cat Scratcher


Why spend money on expensive store-bought toys, when you can DIY for cheap? To deter the cats from scratching up your beautiful new lounge, you can create your very own wall-hanging scratch post. Perfect for if you’re short on space or living in an apartment, or if your cat has a destructive streak.

3. Interactive Dog Feeder

Credit: www.dogtipper.coom

Does your pooch chow down way too quickly? Interactive dog feeders will slow their eating right down and teach them to be more patient. There are plenty of different ideas to choose from, all varying in levels of difficulty depending how elaborate you’d like to make your dog feeder.

Not feeling crafty? Instead, try sprinkling your dog’s breakfast across the lawn, so they work a little extra and use their incredible sense of smell to sniff out (or “hunt” for) their food. Great for energetic dogs!

4. Luxury Cupboard Bedroom


Transform a cupboard into your pet’s very own bedroom! They’ll love the cosy, den-like feel to it and it also saves you space in the home. Not to mention it also looks super chic. Your pet will love sleeping in style, or surveying its kingdom from up high.

5. Squeegee Clean


Does your vacuum have a tough time getting fur out of the car seat? Those stubborn pet hairs get so deeply embedded in the seat, it can feel like an impossible task for the vacuum alone. A squeegee is a cheap, easy solution for loosening those pesky pet hairs, making the much easier to suction up.

6. Sifting Litter Tray


Cleaning up the kitty litter is no fun. To save on time and make it easier, you can DIY or purchase a sifting litter tray. When it’s time to clean, simply sift the litter into the bottom tray, remove the waste, and pour the new litter in.

7. Fur-Match Furniture


The fur doesn’t exist if you can’t see it, right? If the fur-babies are allowed up on furniture (of course they are) it’s a smart idea to try match your couch and bedspread colouring to your pet. After all, a white couch will never look clean with a black dog shedding all over it. Just make sure to double-check before sitting down…

Have wooden floors? Protect them from scratches with a few well-placed rugs around the home.

8. Summer Snacks


When the weather is heating up, cool your pup down with some homemade frozen treats! Simply use ice trays to fill up with chicken stock, or for bigger pooches you can freeze raw bones in an empty ice cream container for the ultimate ice block. They won’t say no to frozen banana mixed with peanut butter either (and nor will your human kids).

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