There’s a reason the kitchen is known as the heart of any home; amazing food will always taste great, but when a kitchen has just the right mix of atmosphere and appliances, it becomes the most welcoming room in the home – whether or not you’re preparing or eating a meal.

Here are 7 kitchens for foodies like us to drool over. And if you like what you see, take a moment to discover how you can recreate them for yourself with our stylish dining tables, chairs and stools.

1. Japanese Charm


Teak a seat at a ramen restaurant in an old Japanese town.

A proper ramen stall has an incomparable dark wood and smoky charm to it. This kitchen style brings just that into your home. The open serving and direct kitchen-to-bench dining is a warm way to enjoy hot soups and hotter noodle dishes. And if you don’t have an integrated bench, something like the Luther bar and some simple stools will do the trick.

2. Retro Reimagined


Sit in the ‘60s for some classic dishes.

The retro style is easy to pick out. From bright coloured furniture made from stainless steel and plastic, it’s as fun as it is practical. All you need are fabric chairs or retro red stools, like the Jazz stool, and you can bring the look back to life. Whether you’re a fan of chicken Kievs or can’t turn down some old-school jelly desserts, this style kitchen emanates timeless flavours.

3. Open Dining

Give your shoulders the whole room while you eat.

An open kitchen is visually appealing and it connects the food preparation and dining areas. This allows spices and brothy steam to freely roam throughout the space, adding to the suspense and anticipation of the delicious meal you’re about to consume. Mostly you’ll just need a tidy and simple space to eat at, like the Spree dining table.

4. Wine Dining


Increase your class with a generously poured glass of wine.

Certain wines can provide the essential flavour to complete a meal. So why not have your collection of wine close to where you dine? In a united space like this, it’ll help having a round table to easily pour for any guests you have. The Silverwood dining table provides a calm dining space and its hardwood timber and rounded shape gives it the befitting personality of a wine barrel.

5. Outside Eating


Invite fresh air to your lunch or dinner.

For the cool breeze in summer, or the refuge of the hot sun in winter, eating outside hosts many benefits. A kitchen that’s able to open up to an outside area takes full advantage of this. It just needs the perfect sidekick: a comfy stool. The Clouds bar stool sits you up at a high bench and gives great back support for when the meal’s done and you sit back, satisfied.

6. Sophisticated Dining


Luxury has never tasted so good.

Just like the most immaculate desserts served at high-end restaurants, the flavour is in the details. It’s just the same when it comes to styling your kitchen. A sophisticated arrangement of furniture can become an enchanting place to eat. The main feature you’ll need is a nice dining table accented with fine dining chairs, like the Nottinghams.

7. Minimalist Munchies

Credit: @casa_casada

Make your meal the feature piece of the kitchen.

Modern styles and minimalism go hand in hand. That’s what makes simple dining so enticing. Having one kitchen island that serves both the cook and the diner gives the room a quiet flow – keeping the focus on the delicious food in front of you. If there isn’t space at your kitchen island, you can create the minimalist look with a strikingly simple dining table. The Living Edge dining table is exactly that.

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