Want to make the most of the space in your place? Whether you live in a cosy apartment or you simply need more storage space for your stuff, these clever storage hacks are sure to come in handy.

1. Under the Bed

It’s time to ditch the dust bunnies and take advantage of the space under your bed. Under-bed storage is a great way to keep your bedroom tidy and organised.

Open Shelves

Credit: apartmenttherapy.com

Swap your bed base for open shelves. These create heaps of storage space and double as a cute display area for your favourite books, knickknacks, and houseplants.

Rolling Drawers

Credit: diyhsh.com

Genius, right? Just grab yourself some old drawers and add caster wheels from your local hardware store, and you’ve got yourself some rolling under-bed storage. Not big on DIY? Check out our under bed storage drawers.

Built-In Storage

Did you know some beds have inbuilt storage? Make the swap and enjoy under-bed storage that works seamlessly with your bed frame’s design.

2. Under the Stairs

If Harry Potter taught us anything, it’s that friendship and bravery are more important than books and cleverness. It also taught us that the space under a staircase can really come in handy as an extra storage solution.

Slide-Out Shelves

Credit: designsponge.com

Pull-out shelves and drawers are an innovative way to make full use of all the square footage under your stairs.

Hidden Cabinets

Credit: food52.com

Don’t like the look of knobs and handles? Hidden cabinets are a modern way of adding storage space without compromising on style.

Open Shelves

Credit: onekindesign.com

Practical and versatile, open shelves can be used to store books, DVDs, magazines – you name it! They’re also a great way to add personality to your home with keepsakes and framed photos.

3. Bare Walls

If your rooms feel cluttered, put your empty walls to use. They’re good for more than just hanging inspirational quotes, you know!

Built-In Shelves

Credit: popsugar.com.au

Built-in shelves, or wall niches, are perfect for creating storage without taking any space away from a room.

Bar Racks

Credit: apartmenttherapy.com

Kitchen cupboards overflowing with pots and pans? Adding some bar racks to your wall will create more storage space as well as a quirky kitchen display.

Corner Shelves

Credit: ideastand.com

Often left neglected to collect dust, an empty corner is a great opportunity for additional shelving. Add some to your living room to display your DVD collection, or in your bathroom to hold your toiletries and perfumes.

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