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Discover the affordable luxury and spacious comfort of sleeping on an Amart Furniture super king bed fit for royalty! Try super king size bed frames from ... our leading brands along with super king size mattresses to discover the best night’s sleep you could dream of. Read more

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Discover the Joy of Spacious Sleeping in Super King Beds

The biggest, the best, the most comfortable night’s sleep you’ll ever have is in a mega-sized super king bed!

What is a super king bed?

If you or your partner are restless sleepers, hot sleepers, or you like to co-sleep with your little ones, a super king bed will give you the most luxurious sleep space of all bed sizes.

The super king bed base has a unique feature - other than just its generous size. Super king bed dimensions are as wide as they are long - something no other bed can claim! You can stretch out in all directions when you sleep in a super king bed - perfect for every body shape and size.

What are the dimensions of a super king bed?

Super king bed measurements span 203cm width x 203cm length. As king single, queen and king size beds and mattresses also measure 203cm long, the notable difference in a super king bed is the wonderful width, allowing couples and kids to sleep side by side in total comfort.

If you’re wondering whether to get a double, queen, king or super king bed for couples sleeping, you can compare the sizes by clicking here.

What are the benefits of a super king bed?

The most obvious benefit of choosing a super king size bed with mattress is the ability to co-sleep but with the feeling of being in your own sleep space. This also means you can enjoy:

  • Minimal or zero partner disturbance
  • Better quality sleep
  • Cooler sleeping
  • Plenty of room to co-sleep with kids

The bed is always the main feature in the bedroom. If you have an extra large master bedroom suite or an expansive parent’s retreat, then an upholstered super king bed suite is not going to look lost like a smaller bed might do in such a large and luxurious area. And if you have that much sleep space available, why not use it!

Are super king beds worth it?

Something you need to consider when choosing a super king bed is that you’ll also need bedding accessories such as a super king bed mattress protector and super king bed sheet sets, quilts and quilt covers, which are more expensive than the exact same products in double, queen or king size.

You’ll also need a large capacity washing machine or a nearby laundromat to wash your bedding. But ask anyone who has purchased their super king bed set from Amart whether it was worth it, and there’s no doubt they’ll talk at length about how wonderful their great big super-sized bed is despite those things!

At the end of the day we all need a good night’s sleep and if we can achieve that by sleeping comfortably in our own space within a king or super king bed, then it’s worth it.

What is the biggest bed you can buy?

Buy a super king bed size Australia wide to be the proud owner of the biggest bed you can buy for your palatial sleep sanctuary. You can shop at Amart stores across the country to find the biggest and most beautiful super king bed Australians swear by.