King Single Mattress Ensembles

Experience the benefits of a quality king single mattress ensemble from Amart’s range of bed frames and bedroom furniture. Once you sleep on an ensemble bed base and mattress, you’ll see why they’re popular for support and pressure point relief.
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Discover the Ensemble Bed Difference

As fans of ensemble beds will profess, they simply won’t go back to other bed frame styles after sleeping on an ensemble bed. Loved by back pain sufferers for their pressure relieving spinal support. And loved by interior designers for their adaptability to any look. It’s time that you, too, take a look at an ensemble.

Mattresses for spinal support and pressure point relief

If you’re experiencing back pain and sore joints, it might be time for a new mattress. Sleeping on the wrong mattress can throw out your spine’s natural alignment and cause muscle strain. That’s why Amart’s range of quality mattresses includes a variety of styles and materials including pocket spring mattresses, innerspring mattresses, memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses, and hybrid mattresses. So you can find something that gives your body the support it deserves.

We recommend our ensemble mattress beds for a support system that’s designed to cradle your body, relieve muscle tension, and align your spine in a natural sleeping position.

Choose from firm, medium and plush to suit your comfort preferences and, if desired, further customise your mattress to ultra-plush with a removable mattress topper or pillow top mattress protector.

Find the perfect headboard to pair with your king single ensemble

One of the many advantages to buying an ensemble bed is your option to add a bedhead. A bedhead allows you to adapt the interior design style you want to your bed.

Amart’s beautiful range of bedheads includes a variety of shapes and upholstery colours from glam luxe velvets to French provincial or modern contemporary looks in shades of light grey and pebble.

Sealy Posturepedic mattress bases for back support

Synonymous with back support and a great night’s sleep, Sealy mattress bases provide sturdy support with a spring system designed to evenly distribute weight on the mattress above, alleviating pressure points.

Sealy’s Australian-made ensemble mattresses are available in plush to firm ‘feels’ in single through to queen mattresses and super king sizes and feature the brand’s signature Alignsupport spring system for ultimate comfort.

Pocket spring vs memory foam mattresses

Pocket Spring mattresses - are made from individual pocket springs each enclosed in a fabric pocket that reacts individually to pressure. A layer of cushioning sits on top of this system. Other similar types of spring mattresses include Bonnell spring, coil spring and marshall spring.

The features of a pocket spring mattress are:

  • Each spring works individually to provide consistent support
  • Minimises partner disturbance - good for couples sleeping
  • Distributes body weight evenly.

Memory foam mattresses - made with a high-density foam base and visco elastic memory foam comfort layer. A memory foam mattress tends to feel medium to medium-firm and is activated by your body temperature, softening when you lie on it and then returning to its original shape when you get up.

The features of a memory foam mattress are:

  • Reduces pressure points
  • Anti-microbial - good for allergy sufferers
  • Minimises partner disturbance
  • Soft yet supportive
  • Can be used on an adjustable bed

Ensemble bases designed to suit any interior design

Have you ever wondered why most hotels have ensemble bases? It’s because they go with everything. An ensemble bed is a blank slate because it has no headboard or footboard. This means the rest of your bedroom furniture, like a chest of drawers, tallboy, bedside tables, window furnishings and wall art can dictate your style. And, you now have scope to tie your bed into the look with a bedhead or some deluxe bedding & manchester. What’s more, if you want to refresh the style of your bed down the track, you can simply change your bedhead.

Benefits of an ensemble bed

Some benefits of ensemble beds include:

  • They are very solid and can last for many years
  • They are generally softer than slat-style beds
  • They are quieter than slat beds making them a good choice for light sleepers.

Ensemble beds are available in single bed, double bed, queen bed, king bed and super king mattress ensembles. You’ll even find some designs that include storage drawers or a trundle bed such as the Singles Ludo Firm King Single Ensemble with Trundle.

Get a feel for the ensemble bed difference yourself by visiting one of our 67 showrooms around Australia. Laze around in our beds or pop them on your wishlist for when it’s time to dice your current, tired old bed.

Durability of a mattress ensemble base

An ensemble base is a timber structure with springs inside designed to evenly distribute weight and pressure in the mattress above it. Ensemble bases are quieter and more stable than slat bed bases.

Amart’s range of bed ensembles are made by Sealy and Orthokinetic from high-quality materials and are backed by a 10-year warranty.

Importance of edge support on your mattress

You don’t want to feel like you’re in a ship on the high seas when you’re trying to get some shuteye. That’s where edge support comes in. Stable edges support the mattress structure, giving it resistance around the edges. It not only reduces mattress sagging but also prevents you from falling towards the edge of the bed.

Why you should choose a king single-size mattress

King single beds are a great choice for kids or adults. Here’s why:

  • Future-proof - A king single bed is a sensible long-term choice for a child because it has a little extra length and width that will see them through the teen years and into adulthood.
  • Generous sleep space - Even an adult of above-average height can sleep comfortably in a king single bed. At 203cm long, it’s the same length as a queen-size, king-size, and super king-size bed.
  • Wider than a long single - A long single is the same length as a king single but the same width as a single bed frame at 92cm. So, a king single, measuring 105cm wide, is more spacious to spread out.

Your king single ensemble bed will come in a package that includes the base and mattress for an optimum sleep experience.

Is a bed frame or ensemble better?

Many people prefer the solid foundation of an ensemble bed frame base over a slat bed base because it’s supportive, absorbs movement and can be paired with a bedhead. However, there are also plenty of bed bases and excellent mattresses in the Amart range that deliver a brilliant night’s sleep.

Does an ensemble bed include a mattress?

Yes - an ensemble bed refers to the combination of a mattress and base such as the Sealy Posturepedic Elevate Supreme Super Firm which is a king single ensemble. The bed base is constructed with springs inside a box that is designed to evenly distribute your weight across the mattress.