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Check out our long single mattress range for your child’s bedroom

As children grow, their sleep needs change. Check out our advice to ensure you select the right mattress for a great night’s sleep. 

A little extra room can go a long way with our range of long single mattresses

A long single bed mattress is the perfect solution for growing teenagers. With an extra 15cm of length toes will always stay tucked in.

Shop our range of long single size mattresses at Amart, along with adjustable bases, bed frames and trundle bed options to create the perfect ensemble for your child’s bedroom. Here are 3 we have on offer, and ask us about free delivery.

Sealy Posturepedic Elevate Supreme: The responsive technology of the Sealy posturepedic range of beds is designed to provide the best level of support for your body. A great option to manage back pain, the bed comes in different firmness levels to suit your needs.

Sealy Posturepedic Ludo: Australian made with a ten year warranty, this mattress uses the PostureTech® Support System to provide high support and comfort.

Sealy Posturepedic Exquisite Accolade: This mattress helps your alignment with 3 level staged support and soft foam mattress. Heat and moisture wicking technology in the cushioning ensures comfort through the night.

What’s the difference between a single mattress and a long single mattress?

The standard single mattress size is 92cm 188cm while the long single mattress dimensions are 15cm longer at 92cm x 203cm.

Choosing the right size mattress for you

When it comes to choosing the right bed size, consider your circumstances and the way you like to sleep. Here’s a run down:

Super King size mattress: With an added 20cm of width, this bed size is good for taller and larger sleepers. The space will also help reduce partner disturbance.

King size mattress: If you have the floor space, then the king bed is great for limited partner disturbance with plenty of room to spread out as it has a longer width.

Queen mattress: One of the most popular, the Queen bed size is ideal for two people, and spacious for solo sleepers. It also usually fits well into a standard size bedroom.

Double Mattress: A popular choice for single people or teenagers as it offers more width for spreading out, but takes up less room.

King Single mattress: A good choice for sleepers who spread out and for growing children and teenagers. It’s the length of a long single mattress but wider by 15cm.

Long single mattress: This mattress is longer than the standard single bed size, but is the same width, making it good when you have limited space but have growing children and teenagers.

Single bed mattress: This is the standard size single mattress and is good if you have limited space, for children or even for the elderly sleeping alone.

Comfort and support mean everything

Buying the best mattress for your needs can feel complicated. There is so much to understand. So when you are ready to start shopping, consider the following:

  • How do you sleep? On your back, your side, your tummy or are you a combination sleeper? This matters because the different firmness levels of mattresses offer different levels of support and cushioning on your pressure points.
  • Do you have back pain? There’s nothing worse than getting out of bed feeling stiff as a board. If you have any kind of back pain then consider a bed mattress in the sealy posturepedic range. They offer specialised technology for lumbar support.
  • Who do you sleep with? If you sleep with a partner it’s important you consider a mattress with minimal partner disturbance.
  • Are you a hot or cooler sleeper? If you sleep hotter than average then consider the materials the mattress is made of. Latex foam is a natural product that moulds around your body for support but reduces heat. Memory foam mattresses are designed to hold the heat in, using it to mould the foam to your body for support.

Firmness Levels to choose from

What firmness level should you choose in your bed mattress? To find the best mattress for you, consider your sleep needs and what each mattress offers.

  • The firm mattress has less cushioning than other mattresses, and offers high support with less dipping. It’s a good option for back sleepers, with a heavier body weight and those who have back pain.
  • The super firm bed mattress offers all over stronger support, preventing your spine from curving. It has minimal dipping so is a good choice for front sleepers and those with a heavier body weight.
  • Medium firm mattresses are a good blend between firm and softer mattresses, offering support with a little more comfort. They suit side and back sleepers and those with a heavier body weight. It also offers more pressure point support for those with back pain.
  • Plush mattress: This is a soft mattress, often with a memory foam mattress, and pillow top for extra cushioning. It provides lower support than other mattress types and is a good choice for lightweight people and those who sleep on their sides.
  • Ultra Plush mattress: This is the very softest mattress with the most cushioning that you can get. It’s often made with memory foam which moulds around your body for comfort, and has a pillow top for extra softness. Your body will sink down for extra deep comfort.

Features to look out for before you buy

Are you excited to buy your new bed mattress? Well before you do, here are 5 features to look out for:

  1. Firmness: The level of support you need depends on how you sleep, whether you have back pain but also personal preference.
  2. Edge support: The best mattress will have some edge support technology for durability. But it’s also to add extra support to the mattress and to your body as you sleep.
  3. Comfort layers: Different mattresses offer different levels of cushioning. How much support do you need while you sleep?
  4. Warranty: Ask about the warranty for each mattress as you shop, and find one that offers the maximum protection.
  5. Mattress size: Make sure you know how much space you have so you can fit the right bed size into your room.

It is all about the construction and materials

The construction and materials of a bed mattress work together to create your sleep experience. A pocket spring mattress offers extra support and is a good choice if you suffer back pain, while a memory foam mattress is used for a plush mattress offering the softest support. Perhaps you are after a firm mattress with enough comfort layers to give a little softness. Our experts will guide you through the many options available.

Other bedroom accessories you may want to consider

Now you’ve chosen your bed mattress, it’s time to consider accessorising. Here are our top picks for you to choose from:

Mattress protector: The fitted sheet design slips easily over the mattress offering a barrier for protection, reducing allergy symptoms and keeping it clean.

Mattress Topper: Adds extra comfort, reducing pressure points on your entire body. It can also reduce partner disturbance.

Bed bases with adjustable base: Customise your position for extra comfort and support.

Bedheads: Make your bed a feature with a beautiful bedhead, sure to inspire your dreams.

Bed frames: A bed frame supports your mattress, offers ventilation and is a stylish addition to your bedroom. Ask about our ensemble and furniture package deals.

Trundle bed: Add versatility to your child’s bedroom with a trundle bed. The extra bed hides away and is great for sleepovers while managing space.

The Australian mattress brand to look out for

Sealy Posturepedic is an Australian made product that uses leading orthopaedic research to design its range of mattresses. The innovative technology senses your body’s needs and offers the right level of support in response. The Sealy Singles range is designed for growing children, and comes in single, king single and long single mattress sizes.

Buying your long single mattress at Amart

Shopping at Amart is easy with our online and instore shopping options. Speak to one of our experts on the floor with our new video call feature from the comfort of home. With warranties on all our products plus our easy checkout options like pay later and interest free, and delivery Australia wide, you will always find what you are after at Amart.

What is the size of a long mattress?

The long single mattress dimensions 92cm x 203cm, that makes it 15cm longer than the standard single mattress size, which is 92cm 188cm. It’s a good option for growing teenagers.

Is a long single the same as a King single?

No, the long single is the same width as a standard single bed, making it a good choice for smaller bedrooms. The King single is the same length as the long single at 203cm, but it is wider by 15cm making it ideal for those who like to spread out.