Single Mattress Ensembles

Comfortable and supportive single mattress ensembles will not only give you great sleep but also pair beautifully with our range of bedheads. Shop our bed frame and ensemble base range in single beds with mattresses up to queen size and king size.
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Feel the difference on an ensemble bed

Is it time to take your comfort to the next level? Ensemble beds have a lot going for them. Loved by people who want a little more spinal support and pressure relief, ensemble beds are more robust than slat bed frames. And quieter too. This means no creaking when you roll over during the night. Find out more about how ensemble beds could be the perfect new bed for you.

Choose from a range of bed base sizes

No matter the size of your room, Amart has an ensemble mattress bed that will fit the bill. Choose your ensemble bed from the following sizes:

  • Single bed
  • King single bed
  • Long single bed
  • Double bed
  • Queen bed
  • King bed
  • Super king bed

Single mattress ensembles with Sealy Posturepedic support

Sealy mattress bases provide sturdy support with a spring system designed to evenly distribute weight, alleviating pressure points and holding your spine in proper alignment. Sealy’s Australian-made ensemble mattresses are available in single size through to super king size and feature the brand’s signature Alignsupport spring system for ultimate comfort.

What the single mattress ensembles include

Let us make buying your single mattress ensemble easy with a package. Amart’s range of single ensemble beds pairs the base with its mattress, so you’re guaranteed ultimate comfort with the two designed to work cohesively together. All you need to do is pick the level of firmness that’s right for you.

Experience ultimate comfort and support

Ensemble beds provide a support system that’s designed to cradle your body, relieve muscle tension, and align your spine in a natural sleeping position. The ensemble bed base frame is an upholstery-covered timber box holding a spring system that distributes weight evenly on the mattress above it, giving stability to your body while you sleep.

Amart has a range of quality mattresses that can be paired with ensemble bases, including pocket spring mattresses, innerspring or Bonnell spring mattresses, memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses, and hybrid mattresses.

So, you can find the right level of comfort and support for your body from super soft to super firm. What’s more, you can further customise your mattress with a removable mattress topper or deluxe pillow top mattress protector.

Single size mattress for your guest room

Do you need a bed for the occasional overnight guest? Consider who might stay and how regularly. A single-size mattress will suit most kids as well as adults of average height. Alternatively, and if space permits, consider a king single mattress so you can accommodate an adult of any size in your guest room.

Difference between single and king single

Single beds measure 92cm wide x 190cm long and are large enough for an average height adult or a child. A king single bed is 105cm wide x 203cm long and can comfortably fit a tall adult. A long single bed is the same width as a single bed, but it has the length of a king single-size bed. So, if you’re tall but don’t need extra mattress width, a long single could be a good choice.

Work out the amount of space you need to determine whether a single bed ensemble, king single ensemble or long single ensemble will be right for you. And it that’s still not enough, consider a double mattress or queen mattress ensemble.

The best kids’ bedroom furniture

What’s the best kids’ bedroom furniture? Beautiful yet practical pieces that will last for a long time! If you’re planning some new furniture pieces for your child’s room, it’s helpful to think a little further ahead. If your child is small, will sleepovers soon be on the agenda? How about storage? You can never have enough. Kids just have so much stuff! Shop our range of bedroom storage furniture today.

And for an idea of how you can future-proof your kid’s bedroom, check out the Sealy King Single Ludo Firm Ensemble with Bounty Trundle Bed Base. They’ll have a bed they can grow into that’s also ready to roll for overnight guests.

Find the perfect bedhead for your new bed

Add some style to your ensemble bed with a beautiful bedhead. You have an empty palette to play with when you buy an ensemble bed. The absence of a bed frame means you can style your bed with beautiful linen and a bedhead to bring it into the theme of your room. And you can easily change your style down the track as your tastes change, without having to buy a new bed!

Choose from traditional bedheads in neutral colours or make a statement with a bold colour in glamorous velvet.

Cleaning and protecting your single bed ensemble

Slipping into fresh sheets is one of life’s simple pleasures. But unless you’re also keeping your mattress fresh, you’re not keeping allergens and dirt in your sleep environment minimised. The good news is that it’s easy to clean and protect your mattress.

Vacuum your bed mattress regularly including both the mattress base and top. It’s a good idea to also get direct sunshine on your mattress from time to time as it kills dust mites and other microbes.

Protect your mattress with a mattress protector and pillow protector to prevent dirt and sweat from entering the fibres and wash these regularly, too. Regular mattress care and quality protection will ensure a healthier sleep sanctuary.

How to choose the right mattress feel for you

Today, more than ever, there’s a lot of information about every topic under the sun. It can be overwhelming. So, when it comes to discovering which ‘mattress feel’ is right for you, we’ve made it easy.

Amart categorises ‘mattress feels’ as follows:

  • Extra Firm
  • Firm
  • Medium
  • Plush
  • Ultra-Plush

Now consider your preferred sleep position:

Side sleepers - should look for a soft-medium mattress.

Back sleepers - need firmness and support so look for a medium-firm or firm mattress.

Stomach sleepers - could choose either a medium or medium-firm mattress or a plush mattress depending on their preference.

Combination sleepers - need a medium-feel mattress.

Armed with the knowledge above, if you’re still unsure which mattress will feel right, the friendly team at your local Amart showroom would love to show you the range. Lie down and test them out. Get comfy. Ask all the questions you like about suitability, warranty, you name it! We have 67 stores around Australia. Find your nearest showroom by entering your postcode into our store locator.

What is an ensemble mattress?

An ensemble mattress is designed to pair perfectly with an ensemble bed base. However, there are many other styles of mattresses in the Amart range that will also work beautifully with an ensemble base, it just comes down to your mattress preferences.

What are the benefits of an ensemble mattress?

Ensemble mattresses provide excellent spinal support and pressure point relief and are quieter and take up less space than slat bed base frames. Amart’s ensemble range is available in single ensemble beds right up to super-king ensemble beds.