King Mattress Ensembles

You deserve a bed ensemble that’s fit for a king! Check out the range of king mattress ensemble beds at Amart with quality pocket spring and foam base frames designed to minimise partner disturbance and give you king-sized comfort.
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Choose a king ensemble for extra room and comfort

A queen ensemble provides ample space for most couples to sleep. But a king-size ensemble offers an extra level of room and comfort that, once you’ve tried, it’s very hard to go back to a smaller bed. A king-size bed is the same size as two king-single beds pushed together. And a king single bed provides a tall adult with enough width and length for a comfortable night’s sleep. So, if you have the space in your bedroom, go for a king, because you aren’t likely to regret it.

How to assemble your king mattress ensemble

King mattress ensemble bed bases come in two parts to make lifting and transporting them easy. However, assembly is quite easy when compared to the assembly of slat bed frames. All you need to do is screw in the legs and then activate the latch that holds the two bases together. Place your mattress on top and you’re ready to start snoozing.

Add comfort and protection with a mattress topper or mattress protector

Mattresses can be hard to clean. What’s more, you can never clean right to their core. So, a high-quality mattress protector will not only protect your mattress from accumulating dust mites, dirt and other allergens, but will also extend the life of the mattress.

Some of the king mattress ensembles in the Amart range are sold with a removable mattress topper. This is an ultra-plush pillow top with foam layers and soft damask ticking that adds an extra layer of cloud-like comfort to your mattress.

Choosing the right size bed for your bedroom

If you’re not sure whether a king mattress ensemble will be the right size for your bedroom, try measuring and marking out the space first. We recommend you use masking tape or sheets of newspaper to show you the footprint of the bed. Then walk around it and look carefully at the proximity of your bed to other furniture such as your bedside tables, tallboy, or even a sofa and ottoman if you have these in your bedroom. Remember to check that your drawers and wardrobe doors can open fully without being obstructed by the bed.

If you love the king-size bed but need to reassess some of your other bedroom pieces, check out our bedroom furniture range.

Posturepedic & Orthokinetic king mattresses for back support and deluxe comfort

Two of the best mattress brands in Australia are available at Amart. Sealy Posturepedic has been a well-known brand in Australia for 100 years and makes quality mattresses by hand in Australia. And Orthokinetic mattresses have been receiving excellent independent reviews for comfort, are backed by solid warranties, and are endorsed by the Chiropractic & Osteopathic College of Australasia.

Choosing between a bed frame or an ensemble bed base

A key difference between ensemble bed bases and slatted bed frames is they don’t have a headboard, which means they’re never out of date. So, you can choose to leave them as is, or you can pair them to your interior design style with your choice of bedhead.

Amart’s range of ensemble beds and bed frames are available in several sizes including single bed, king single bed, long single bed, double bed, queen bed, king bed and super king bed sizes. You can also choose from the following styles of beds:

  • trundle beds
  • storage beds
  • gas lift and adjustable beds
  • bunk, loft-style, and kids’ beds.

The difference between Queen ensembles and King mattress ensembles

Whether you choose a queen ensemble or a king ensemble, one thing is guaranteed - comfort! However, everybody has a different body and individual sleep preferences. That’s where your decision between a queen and a king comes down to size (both your size and the size of your bedroom).

A king mattress is 30cm wider than a queen mattress, making it a great option for people who want extra space.

Australian-made king mattress ensembles

Sealy manufactures their king mattress ensembles in Australia from local raw materials and components. Each mattress and base are made to order at one of their five facilities located in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and Brisbane. So, you can be sure that you’re getting top quality while supporting the economy in your own backyard.

Difference between a pocket spring and a foam mattress

Pocket spring mattresses are one of the most widely used mattress types. Each spring works individually to provide consistent support and even body weight distribution, making them an excellent choice for couples. The mattress base tends to be made from high-density foam, followed by pocket springs in the core and topped with layers of comfort foam.

Memory foam mattresses are ant-microbial and offer excellent edge support, responsiveness, and pressure relief while minimising partner disturbance. They are a great choice for side sleepers.

Shop Amart’s entire range of king mattresses in the following ‘feel’ types:

  • extra firm/super firm
  • firm
  • medium
  • plush
  • ultra-plush.

Dimensions of a king-size mattress and bed ensemble

A king-size mattress ensemble measures 183cm wide x 203cm long, providing a very generous sleep area for two people (and often a pet or child should they wander in during the night).

Shop now online for delivery or pick up or you can head to your nearest store to see if a king is the right mattress size for you. Browse the rest of our mattress sizes while you’re there, including:

  • single mattress
  • king single mattress
  • long single mattress
  • double mattress
  • queen mattress
  • king mattress
  • super king mattress

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What is an ensemble mattress?

An ensemble mattress sits on top of an ensemble bed base that is made of springs inside a box, covered by upholstery. Together, an ensemble bed base and mattress are designed to work harmoniously to alleviate pressure points, distribute weight evenly and align the spine, promoting a quality night’s sleep.

What is the price of a king mattress ensemble on average?

A king mattress ensemble sells at a similar price point to a king bed frame with a quality mattress bought separately. Like any other product, price points vary depending on the quality and brand you choose, however, Amart’s range of king ensembles starts at $2000 and goes up to $10,000.