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Introducing the memory foam mattress that is allergy-free, minimises partner disturbance, regulates body temperature and can be used on both standard and adjustable bed bases. Experience great sleep and ultimate comfort on a Pure Form mattress.
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Soft and Supportive Mattresses for Back Pain

A major cause of back pain is poor alignment during sleep. Memory foam mattresses reduce stress on the body by evenly distributing body weight, alleviating pressure on knees, hips and shoulders. The Pure Form memory foam mattress has temperature-reacting viscoelastic material that softens and conforms to your body for pressure relief.

Importance of a good mattress for comfortable sleep

If the average human spends one-third of their life asleep, there has never been a better reason to invest in a high-quality, comfortable mattress. But the right mattress for you may not be the right mattress for someone else. You see, sleep positions, comfort preferences and the way it feels play a big role in finding the best mattress. To help you on your quest for comfortable sleep, Amart categorises our entire range, including pocket spring, hybrid, gel memory foam and latex mattresses by ‘mattress feels’ as follows:

  • Extra Firm
  • Firm
  • Medium
  • Plush
  • Ultra Plush

The best hypoallergenic mattress for sensitive skin

Memory foam is known to help relieve allergy symptoms. Dust mites just love a warm and humid environment, so a mattress is a popular spot. And this causes all sorts of problems for allergy sufferers from eczema and other skin irritations to fatigue, itchy eyes, and a blocked nose. Because memory foam mattresses are made with dense foam, there are fewer areas where dust mites, mould and mildew can take up residence. So, a Pure Form memory foam mattress is a great option for allergy sufferers.

A quality mattress along with weekly hot washing of your bed linen can also minimise allergens.

How your sleeping position affects your sleep

Consider your sleep position to find a comfortable mattress that offers you back support and body alignment.

Side sleepers - a softer mattress may be most comfy to cushion the shoulders and hips, reducing the risk of pain to these pressure points.

Stomach sleepers - a mattress that is medium to firm is best for stomach sleepers to keep the spine properly aligned.

Back sleepers - should have a medium-firm mattress so it’s soft enough to contour their body but firm enough to support their spine.

Combination sleepers - a medium mattress will probably be the best fit because it will conform to the body in any position.

How memory foam works on a new mattress

Your mattress will remember you! Memory foam mattresses are temperature-sensitive, working with your body heat to mould and contour your shape. They provide excellent support and comfort, relieving pressure on your body’s major joints like shoulders, hips, knees, and spine.

Keep your Pure Form mattress clean and protected

The best way to look after your new Pure Form mattress is to keep it clean and protected. Regularly vacuum your mattress with an upholstery attachment. And protect your mattress with quality mattress protectors and pillow protectors to reduce allergens, dirt and sweat entering your mattress and pillows. This will keep your sleeping environment fresh and be conducive to a good night’s sleep.

The best mattresses for light sleepers

The smallest disturbance can rouse a light sleeper. A Pure Form mattress has two important features that can help reduce disturbance for light sleepers.

Edge support - this refers to the structure around the edge of a mattress to prevent sagging and stop you from falling towards the mattress edge while you sleep.

Partner disturbance - a memory foam mattress is great at absorbing energy and body weight pressure, reducing the amount of movement you will feel from a sleeping partner.

Visco elastic mattresses that regulate body temperature

The top comfort layer of the Pure Form mattress is made from visco elastic memory foam. This material reacts to the body’s temperature and functions as a thermoregulator, maintaining an excellent temperature for a good night’s sleep. This can be a real win in the Australian summers.

Available in a range of sizes

Amart’s range of Pure Form mattress sizes includes:

  • King Single Size
  • Queen Size
  • King Size

Your new mattress can be used on a wide variety of bed frames in the Amart collection, including adjustable bed bases.

Durability of memory foam mattresses

Made from a durable foam core base and memory foam top, the Pure Form mattress has a firm feel and comes backed by a 10-year warranty. Amart works with leading, trusted manufacturers who use top-quality materials so that we’re able to offer a 10-year guarantee - which is the recommended lifespan that experts recommend for your mattress.

Find the perfect bed base to support your new mattress

It’s easy to find the perfect bed base for your new Pure Form mattress in the range of bed frames at Amart. Browse our beds by style using our filters to choose from a variety of designs to suit your home décor and budget.

Our Pure Form mattresses are also compatible with our adjustable bed range which is fast becoming known for helping to improve conditions like sleep disturbance, digestion issues, and chronic pain. You may even like to explore great savings with an adjustable bed deal like the Pure Form Hera Queen Mattress Package.

Whatever style of bed frame you’re seeking for your memory foam mattress, you’ll find it easily at Amart.

What are the benefits of memory foam mattresses?

Memory foam mattresses are not only hypoallergenic, making them a good choice for allergy sufferers they also contour to the shape of your body to help relieve pressure points while regulating your body temperature and absorbing movement. Combine it with a cooling, gel-infused Pure Form Pillow for maximum comfort.

What are the differences between a foam mattress and an innerspring mattress?

Foam mattresses cradle pressure points, contouring the body while holding your spine in alignment. Inner spring mattresses have a wired system combined with inner springs or pocket springs to create a support frame with a cushioning material on top, such as the Sealy Singles Ludo Firm Mattress.