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Whether you are after a King or Queen size mattress, you will find comfort in our Dream Elegance Mattress. While you’re here, ask about our bedroom furniture ensemble deals, and ensure you get a good night’s sleep and value for money with Amart.
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Sleep well with Amart Furniture’s range of bed mattresses

Buying a bed mattress can be confusing, but with a little advice and options to suit all budgets, you will find the right mattress for your best night’s sleep.

Get a sound night’s sleep with Amart’s range of Dream Elegance Mattresses

The Dream Elegance Mattress has a turn pocket spring support structure with latex foam comfort layers and a tencel fabric cover for moisture wicking and comfort. Whether you’re after a queen mattress, king mattress or double mattress, we’ll help you find the right mattress. Shop our range of bed bases online at amartfurniture.com.au or come into one of our Amart or Super Amart stores today, don’t forget to ask about our bedroom ensemble deals.

How to find the right size mattress for you

How do you know which size bed mattress is for you? Check out our tips here:

  • Who’s sleeping in the bed? Knowing who the bed is for will help you decide what size will be the most comfortable. If you sleep with a partner, a king size may help limit partner disturbance.
  • What’s the bedroom size? You need room to move around so a king bed is nice to have, but your bedroom may only afford room for a queen bed.
  • Buying for a child? Keep in mind that the child may outgrow a single mattress as they get older, so consider purchasing a king single or double mattress instead.

Shop affordable mattresses with quality and comfort at Amart Furniture

You can shop at other retailers, but at Amart Furniture our team of experts will show you how to find the best mattress for you. Shop our range of bed bases and create a bedroom ensemble, knowing you will get value for money.

How to choose the firmness of your bed mattress

Your choice of mattress firmness will depend on your sleep position, your general weight and if you have any long term back issues. Here’s a summary of each kind of mattress for you to look at:

  • A firm mattress has thinner layers of comfort materials, and it’s designed to reduce dipping and provide high support. It suits a back sleeper as it will create pressure points, and someone with a heavier body weight.
  • Medium firm mattresses suit side and back with a heavier body weight and pre-existing back issues, as it offers more pressure point support.
  • A comfort mattress is softer. It’s suitable for side sleepers as it supports pressure areas on the body. It also suits people of lower body weight as it will dip a little. The comfort mattress offers lower support than a firm mattress or medium firm mattress.

How to get the ultimate comfort and support from your Dream Elegance Mattress

Here are some mattress accessories to ensure you get the ultimate comfort and support.

  • Mattress protector: This covers your mattress like a fitted sheet and keeps it clean and protected. It’s easy to take off and put through the washing machine.
  • Mattress topper: Offering extra cushioning support to your body, it reduces pressure points and reduces partner disturbance ensuring a good night’s sleep.
  • A slat bed base provides support for your mattress while allowing ventilation, keeping your mattress clean and hygienic.

Construction details of the Dream Elegance Mattress

All of our Dream Elegance Mattresses are constructed using quality materials and workmanship. Here’s a closer look at our range.

Dream Elegance 5500 Comfort: An affordable, supportive mattress offering the maximum comfort level with a tencel pillow top mattress. It comes in a queen mattress and king mattress size.

Dream Elegance 4500 Comfort: The 6 turn pocket spring support structure and latex foam comfort layers are covered with a tencel pillow top mattress, offering an ultra comfortable night’s sleep. This comes in a queen mattress and double mattress size.

Dream Elegance 2000: This is an affordable mattress that offers comfort and support. It has a pocket spring mattress and soft bamboo stretch knit ticking with a pillow top mattress. It’s available in single, King single, double, Queen and King mattress sizes.

Dream Elegance Bliss: Quality and comfort at the lowest price, the premium foam mattress and spring system offers minimal partner disturbance. It comes as a single mattress, double mattress and queen mattress.

The finer details about Dream Elegance Mattresses

The Dream Elegance Mattress range offers value for money, quality and style. But here are some more details to help you decide which mattress is right for you.

  • They have the turn pocket spring support structure: Better than other spring mattresses, the pocket springs are closer together creating a stronger, more supportive base and ensuring minimal partner disturbance.
  • The mattress is made of latex foam comfort layers: Latex is a natural product that is similar to memory foam but holds less heat. The tencel fabric coating is another natural product that is soft and moisture wicking. This means with a Dream Elegance Mattress you get comfort and temperature control, ensuring a good night’s sleep.

Buying your Dream Elegance Mattresses at Amart

It’s easy to buy your Dream Elegance Mattress at one of our Amart or Super Amart stores. Come in and let our friendly experts find the best price deal for you. Ask about putting a furniture package together and create a bedroom sanctuary with furniture pieces such as a lounge ottoman and an elegant bed base.

Our payment options give you peace of mind with our buy now, pay later services and interest free options. And we offer delivery around Australia.

What is the thickness of the Dream Elegance mattress?

The Dream Elegance Mattress range comes in a range of models, designed to meet your comfort needs. Depending on the firmness of the mattress you are after, there will be a Dream Elegance Mattress for you.

What is the Dream Elegance Mattress made of?

The Dream Elegance Mattress has a turn pocket spring support structure, surrounded by latex foam comfort layers, which acts like a memory foam, giving all over comfort and support. The tencel fabric cover ensures temperature control with moisture wicking, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep.