Super King Mattress

If you’ve treated yourself to a luxurious super king size bed, you’ll love our super big range of super king mattresses to match! Dream big and ... sleep bigger on a plus-sized high quality super king mattress from Amart Furniture’s leading mattress suppliers. Read more

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Enjoy Super-Sized Comfort on a Super King Mattress!

Imagine the luxury of stretching out in bed with room to spare! If you want the biggest and best night’s sleep you’ve ever had, try a super king size mattress from Amart.

What is a super king mattress?

A super king mattress is the biggest mattress available, the partner to a super king bed base.

A super king bed with mattress boasts both generous length and width. In fact it is the only mattress size that measures the same dimensions on all sides. Sleeping on a super king mattress lets you stretch out every which way, ideal for every body size and shape and perfect for couples sleeping with minimal disturbance.

Like all mattresses, you can find your perfect super king mattress in different designs. The best super king mattress for you might be a:

  • Super king memory foam mattress
  • Super king orthopaedic mattress
  • Firm super king mattress
  • Medium super king mattress
  • Plush super king mattress
  • Coil spring super king mattress with gel-infused core

Whichever type of mattress suits you best, you’ll find it in a super king size mattress at Amart from big brands including Sealy and Orthokinetic.

What size is a super king mattress?

A super king bed size measures a whopping 203cm wide and 203cm long. While some other mattress sizes also measure 203cm long, no other mattresses are as wide as a super king mattress.

Check out our mattress size guide - but remember, if you want a bed that is fit for royalty you’ll need to check the dimensions of your bedroom first to be sure a super king bed with mattress will fit comfortably within the available space.

If generous length is really all you need, you’ll find that king single mattresses, queen size mattresses and king size mattresses also measure 203cm long. But if it’s extra width that you need then nothing compares to a super king bed frame and a super king mattress.

What is the difference between king, king single and super king mattresses?

Getting your head around all the different sizes in bed bases and mattresses can get confusing.

The easiest way to remember the difference is to think of a super king bed size as an extra large king bed, and a king single as an extra large single bed.

  • A king single bed mattress size is 107cm wide x 203cm long, so it is as long as a super king size mattress but wide enough for one person, not two.
  • King size bed bases and mattresses are generally used for couples sleeping, and are of course bigger than both double beds and queen size beds. King beds measure 183cm wide x 203cm long. While queen size beds are always a popular size, many opt for king size beds because they offer the luxurious comfort that comes with the extra 30cm of width.
  • If you crave the pure luxury that king beds provide but you want even more width, then choose the ultimate - a super king size mattress and base which measures 203cm wide x 203cm long.

Who should get a super king mattress?

If you have a bedroom with enough space for a super king mattress and bed, why not indulge in the biggest bed possible, sure to provide the best night’s sleep?

But from a practical perspective, let’s examine the tangible benefits of a super king mattress and bed base:

  • Co-sleeping with minimal partner disturbance
  • Improved sleep quality for both people
  • Space to sleep comfortably on your back or side without encroaching on your partner
  • Greater space between you and your partner means cooler sleeping
  • Co-sleeping with children on a spacious super king mattress means you might actually get some sleep!
  • Restless sleepers have more room to move

If you choose a super king bed frame and mattress you’ll also need super king bed sheets and quilts along with bedding accessories like a super king mattress protector.

Visit your nearest local Amart store today to browse bedroom suites, all bedroom furniture, bedroom storage solutions and to find the best super king mattress for your bed!