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Discover comfortable bedding solutions with our quality range of single bed bases through to king bed bases and ensemble beds from leading brands.... Also find the perfect mattress for every bed base, as well as king and queen ensembles, single and double ensemble beds. Read more

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Ensemble Beds & Bed Bases - Simply Comfortable Bed Solutions

Time for a new bed? Who would have thought there were so many solutions! Consider buying a bed frame and choosing a suitable mattress, or explore our wide range of next-level-comfort ensemble beds and bed bases for simple styles with luxurious comfort.

What is a bed base? 

Great question! At Amart Furniture we simplify your choices by categorising our bed frames and bed bases separately. 

Your options when buying a bed include:

  • Bed bases - the bottom part of an ensemble bed are structurally supportive bases or foundations for a mattress. They include no headboard, footboard or side framing. You need to select a mattress to match your single or king single bed base, double bed base, king or queen bed base.
  • Mattresses - discover our wide range of leading brand mattresses for the ultimate support and comfort to suit any budget. Available in all bed sizes, your mattress can go on a bed frame as well as a bed base.
  • Ensemble beds - a combination of a supportive bed base and a quality mattress in all sizes, ensembles have no headboard, footboard or side frames. You can select a separate headboard to attach to your ensemble bed.
  • Beds - meaning the entire bed frame which includes a headboard, footboard and sides in a range of materials such as solid timber and powder coated steel. These beds have timber or steel slat bases allowing the mattress to breathe. Mattresses are not included.

It’s easy to create a beautiful bedroom by compiling the perfect bed from the ground up and adding your bedroom accessories such as bedside tables and tall chests of drawers. Alternatively you can shop our stunning selection of bedroom suites and just add your preferred mattress for a complete bedroom package solution.

What is an ensemble bed?

Ensemble beds provide supportive comfort via a low bed base in a range of sizes including single, king single, double, queen and king ensemble bases with mattresses included. Sleek, smooth and simple lines provide a fuss-free look and take up less space in the room than bed frames do.

You can add a headboard to your ensemble bed and coordinate your bedding accessories to match.

How do you dress an ensemble bed?

Need some tips? Stylists suggest that because they have no frame, ensemble beds are the easiest to make - giving you free reign to dress the bed however you like:

  1. Experts recommend styling your ensemble bed with a range of textures in similar or complementary colours, making sure they don’t compete with the headboard. You can create a layered look using sheets, quilts, pillows, cushions and throw rugs.
  2. Use similar shades in varying textures such as faux fur or chunky knits to create harmony with interest. You can also add pops of colour with feature cushions, but remember you want the ambience in your bedroom to be calm and relaxed.
  3. A bed skirt or valance can dress the bed base of ensemble beds, while the manchester can be upsized to create a draped look with bigger coverage. Opt for the same size valance and fitted sheet as your ensemble bed size, but go up a size with your top sheet and quilt so that there is overhang on all sides to create a warm and comfy look and feel.

Are bed bases important?

Bed bases are a very important component of any bed, providing a range of benefits such as:

  • Supporting the mattress, which in turn supports you! Bed bases prevent the supportive structure of the mattress from early sagging.
  • Lifting your mattress to create airflow and breathability which is especially important in humid climates. Without airflow your mattress can be susceptible to mould and mildew and become a breeding ground for bacteria.
  • Providing additional storage where bedroom storage space is limited, such as with bed base drawers.

Are ensemble beds better?

The engineering behind an ensemble bed base is designed to provide an even distribution of weight across the surface of the mattress. When weight is evenly distributed there are no pressure points which can create discomfort or pain. 

While many prefer an ensemble bed and find it gives excellent support, there is no one type of bed better than another, your choice of bed is personal preference. 

You may find a queen bed ensemble such as the Sealy Posturepedic Elevate Marquis Flex Firm delivers the luxurious comfort and support you desire. Enjoy the benefits of an adjustable floating bed base finding the perfect positions for reading and/or watching TV in bed.

Equally a perfectly good night’s sleep can be achieved on any of our strong and supportive bed bases and medium firm high quality mattresses with natural comfort layers.

How to clean the fabric of a bed base?

Fabric bed bases along with metal or wooden bed bases can simply be wiped clean with a damp cloth when the need arises. If a more thorough clean is needed for your ensemble bed’s fabric base, most professional carpet cleaners also provide an upholstery cleaning service.