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Discover bunk beds the whole family will love at Amart! Browse our range online to find the best kids’ bunk beds in a wide range of styles including single, double or loft designs incorporating built-in storage furniture and study options, too.
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Bring in the Fun with Space-saving, Stylish and Safe Bunk Beds

Bunk beds and loft bunk beds are the ultimate space-saving sleep solutions for smaller bedrooms - and kids love them! Our complete range of kids’ bedroom furniture includes bunk bed designs to meet your budget and the needs of kids of all ages.

For a bit of practical fun in your kid’s bedroom

Have you ever seen your kid’s face light up when they arrive somewhere with bunk beds? For many kids, bunk beds are something they only get to enjoy at camp or on holidays. But what if you could bring that fun to your place with a kids’ bed that capitalises on space? Perhaps you need two children to share a room, or your child’s bedroom is small, so you need a loft bed with storage or a desk underneath. Amart’s large range of bunk beds will have something perfect for you.

Loft beds for extra storage and room

Let’s face it, we can all do with a bit of extra storage. Whether we have loads of it or hardly any, more storage is never a bad thing. A loft bed is a bed frame that sits elevated on tall supports to free up floor space underneath. Many loft beds incorporate clever storage solutions underneath which is a real win for kids with small bedrooms. The Noah Loft Bed features cupboards and a desk with a hutch-style bookcase underneath, so it’s jam-packed with functional storage space.

Bunk beds for kids’ rooms

The traditional single bunk beds with ladder access consist of two single beds one above the other. That design is still popular, but there are many other exciting configurations available nowadays, including:

  • Double bunk beds
  • Loft beds with desks (sometimes referred to as a bunk bed with desk underneath)
  • Bunk beds with single trundle bed
  • Bunk beds with storage
  • Single over double bunk beds also known as triple bunk beds
  • Triple bunk beds might also be L-shaped bunk beds.

What dimensions are bunk beds?

Because bunk beds come in such a wide range of designs and configurations, you’ll find the dimensions quite different. A ‘standard’ single bunk bed such as the popular Captain Jack essentially comprises two single beds stacked one above the other and measures 1308mm high x 2005mm wide x 968mm deep.

Yet the Jason MK2 double bunk bed with built-in storage shelves measures 1929mm high x 2390mm wide x 1159mm deep, which is quite a bit bigger due to the extra storage space for toys and books.

While we often consider bunk beds for kids’ bedrooms because they save space and provide a handy sleepover solution, we still need to keep in mind the available height in the bedroom when choosing a bunk bed.

If you don’t have high ceilings, and you do have ceiling fans, remember to check the height measurement of the bunk beds you are considering. While the kids will love sleeping at the top of a cubby house, our super cool Hillside Loft Bunk Bed does measure 1746mm high, as well as 2057mm wide and 987mm deep.

Different types of bunk beds

If you’re thinking ahead or your child is already at the age where they have homework to do, a single loft bed with a desk provides both storage drawers, shelves, and a desktop surface for drawing, reading or homework.

The kids will love sharing a bedroom or having sleepovers when their bunk bed is also a themed bunk bed such as a super cool blue and white Kombi van while the white Kidz MK2 delivers the timeless, genderless simplicity that parents love.

Lowline bunks such as Captain Jack have a low-to-ground bottom bunk which is perfect for younger children while the Kodi robe bunk bed is your ideal storage bed with a two-door hanging wardrobe and a study desk beneath.

Ask your tween if they want a double bunk bed and wait for a resounding ‘yes’! With a double bed base and a single bunk above, these beds sit somewhere between a child’s bed and a young adult’s bed, just like them!

Bunk beds that are perfect for families with kids

Family life is a busy, beautiful thing. But you can calm the chaos and reclaim some space with bunk beds. Here are a few good reasons why bunk beds could be the kids’ furniture you need:

  • Bonding - kids who share a room have more opportunities to further cement their friendship.
  • Fun - hop on, hop off, hop on, hop off.... repeat. The top bunk is also a great spot to stow away in a game of hide and seek.
  • Space-saving - a perfect solution if you’re short on bedrooms.
  • Sleepovers - a fun and practical way to accommodate overnight guests.

Because it’s always good to have options, check out the Orient Single Bunk Bed. Should your sleeping arrangements change in future, this bunk can be easily separated into two single beds.

Why not bring the kids in-store so they can try our bunk beds for themselves? With over 200 stores across Australia, you’ll find one near you. Enter your postcode into our store locator to find your closest showroom.

What ages are bunk beds suitable for?

According to Product Safety Australia, a division of the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission, sleeping on the top bunk is not recommended for children under 9 years of age. Our bunk beds and loft beds are manufactured in accordance with Australian Safety Standards but guidance for young children is always recommended.

If bunk beds aren’t appropriate for your children, check out our beautiful range of single beds, king single beds, trundle beds and even double beds for them to grow into.

Find all the bedding accessories you need for your bunk beds right here, along with mattresses, bedside tables and tallboys or chests of drawers for the complete set!

What are the benefits of a bunk bed?

There are many benefits to bunk beds but the major one is saving space. Not only can you sleep two children in one room, but there are also some cleverly designed loft beds incorporating a robe and storage space or a desk.