King Bedroom Suites

Transform your bedroom with an Amart king bedroom suite. Shop king size bedroom sets in 3-piece and 4-piece options so you can choose whether to add bedside tables and a dresser or tallboy to your beautiful new bedroom furniture package.
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Upgrade your bedroom suite with Amart

Bedroom suites are a fantastic way to coordinate your bedroom style in one affordable package. Take your pick between 3-piece bedroom suites with a bed frame and 2 lamp tables or 4-piece bedroom sets that come with a bed frame, 2 lamp tables and a tallboy or dresser. The beauty of buying a suite is that it takes the fuss out of matching your bed to your bedroom furniture. At Amart, we have a great selection of king bedroom and tallboy bedroom suites to add to your wishlist in different styles and finishes to elevate every interior. You can also shop our single bed, king single, double bed and queen bedroom suites.

Bedroom suites for every interior style

Create a sanctuary that reflects your unique style with our wide range of king-sized bed suites at Amart. We’ve got a set to suit any interior, from opulent tufted headboards with American Oak bedsides to solid acacia headboards with matching furniture for a rustic, industrial look.

Discover stunning 4-post wooden beds that are as grand as your bedroom with a tall chest and velvet-lined 2 bedsides for storing jewellery. If a French farmhouse is more your style, we have elegant white bed frames with matching furniture oozing with European country charm.

Completing a dining room instead? Discover our dining suites for every dining setting that let you entertain your way, from 5-piece round sets to 11-piece rectangular sets for luxury dining.

What bedroom furniture can be included?

All of our king-sized bedroom packages come with a king bed frame and a selection of furniture. You have the option of choosing between:

  • Tallboy/chest of drawers - This is an optional piece you can get in a 4-piece bedroom package. Your tallboy will match the bed and 2 bedsides for a cohesive look.
  • Bedside tables - These tables are standard in every 3-piece or 4-piece package. You get 2 of them to sit either side of the bed frame in the same colour and design.
  • Dressing table - A dresser can be part of a 4-piece set instead of a tallboy. Store your clothes and belongings in a dressing table that complements the bed and bedsides.

King bedroom suites in different materials and finishes

At Amart, discover suites to suit your king bedroom in a variety of materials and finishes.

We have tufted fabric beds that add softness and elegance to a bedroom in neutral hues that are easy to match with cushions, rugs and curtains. We also have acacia and pine timber bed bases in dark and light tones with matching furniture to create a warm and welcoming vibe.

Find your interior style at Amart with our other suites, including 3-seater lounge, recliner and chaise suites for the living room and dining suites for every dining setting.

3-piece & 4-piece options

Simplify styling your home by putting a king size bedroom suite onto your wishlist. Choose between:

  • 3-piece - Includes a king size bed frame and 2 bedside tables
  • 4-piece - Includes king size bed frame, 2 bedsides and either a dressing table or tallboy

You can also find lounge suites at Amart that include 2 or 3 seater lounges, chaises and recliners to match your bookcases, coffee tables and side tables as well as dining suites that include the dining table and dining chairs to match any dining setting.

King bedroom suites to suit every budget

From striking pine timber beds and dressers to fabric headboards with modern white bedsides for a clean, minimal look, find a style to suit your budget at Amart. We have 3-piece sets starting from $899 and 4-piece sets starting from $4199 to add to your wishlist or buy now. If you’re after a different size, we also have:

What is a king bedroom suite?

A king suite is a type of bedroom package that includes the bed frame and an assortment of bedroom furniture that matches the colour and finish of the bed. They’re a great way to coordinate your bedroom style and ensure each key piece is the same design for a unified look. You can find 3-piece sets that come with the bed and 2 lamp tables as well as 4-piece sets that come with the bed, 2 lamp tables and a tallboy or dresser for storage.

Add a king-sized bedroom package to your wishlist at Amart to fast-track your style and save you money.

Are king bedroom suites expensive?

Bedroom packages can actually save you money because they combine key pieces of furniture for your bedroom in a matching style with just one purchase. This is usually cheaper than if you bought them all individually. The cost of the set will depend on how many pieces are included. At Amart, we have budget-friendly 3-piece options to pop on your wishlist for $859 plus tallboy bedroom suites from $4199. We’ve also got suites in other sizes, including queen bedroom suites. Take advantage of our special offers online and in-store to get them for even less!

Have your suite sent straight to your address when you checkout online with a 30-day refund policy for peace of mind.