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Discover the perfect nursery chair providing a safe, stylish, and cosy spot to nurse and bond with your baby. Complete your nursery with a matching ottoman, offering convenient storage for all your baby essentials.
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How to choose a feeding chair for your nursery

One of the big decisions new parents will need to make is what furniture to place in the baby nursery. A nursery chair is a fantastic investment as it provides a safe and comfortable spot for breastfeeding that supports mums and soothes babies for a relaxing experience. Before you buy one, consider these factors:

  • Comfort - You’ll be spending a lot of time feeding your baby so comfort is paramount. Look for a nursery chair with excellent cushioning, armrests, a footrest and padded back.
  • Support - A high back, armrests and a foot rest will give you proper support while nursing. Make sure the chair is firm enough to stand up easily without waking the baby.
  • Safety - Make sure recliners have an easy-to-find lever or button for a smooth recline. Some gliders will have a stop-lock mechanism to stop them from rocking when not in use.
  • Practicality - Look for a nursery chair that will be easy to clean and maintain. Decide on whether you want to recline, glide, swivel or rock.
  • Style - Choose a nursery chair that matches your existing nursery decor for a beautiful interior, from modern and minimal to elegant and luxe.

What to look for when shopping for a nursery chair

Keep an eye out for these features in a nursery chair:

  • High back for ample back, neck and shoulder support.
  • Armrests to rest tired arms when holding newborns.
  • Footrest to put your feet up and stretch your legs.
  • Footstool for storing baby essentials like nappies, toys and more.
  • Cushioning for maximum comfort when sitting for long periods.
  • Safety-lock mechanisms in recliners and gliders to prevent accidents.

Stylish armchair & ottomans

An armchair with a matching ottoman gives you storage as well as a comfy place to sit. Our high-quality Samuel armchair and ottoman set provides ultimate comfort wrapped up in a stylish mid-century design and neutral grey colour that will blend beautifully in with your cot, dressers and change table. It has a wingback and deluxe upholstery that makes feeding and spending time with your little one an absolute joy. Use the matching ottoman to store baby’s favourite toys, reading material, soft blankets, nappies, onesies and more.

Different types of nursing chairs

Glide, swivel, rock or recline - nursing chairs give you plenty of options to find one that is perfect for your needs. Take a closer look at the different types:

  • Recliners - A reclining chair leans back to give you more comfort. They can usually be operated using a lever or button on the side which raises a footrest for leg support.
  • Nursery rocking chairs & rockers - These chairs rock back and forth to soothe both mum and bub. Some may also be reclined as they rock.
  • Glider chair - A glider chair rocks back and forth on a platform. The rocking movement is more subtle than a rocking chair. You can also find reclining gliders.
  • Swivel chair - Like swivel chairs for the office, these nursing chairs can swivel around to help you reach for nearby items more easily. A swivel glider can also glide smoothly.

Back and neck support

This is where nursery chairs really shine. They’re lower and wider than regular armchairs with a high back that provides greater support for your back, shoulders and neck. This is hugely important as it reduces aches and pains during and after feeding. Add a matching ottoman to put your feet up as well and support your legs.

Choose a nursing chair that complements your nursery furniture

Create the nursery of your dreams by matching your nursery chair to your nursery furniture and current decor. We’ve got a massive range of nursery furniture in Australia to complete your space and make it a safe, stylish sanctuary for babies to grow in. Consider extending your style and colour choice to:

Where to position your nursery chair

One of the best spots in the nursery to position the nursery chair is in a corner. It provides a nice, cosy space for you and bub to relax and feed. Make sure you position it far enough out of the corner to recline or rock comfortably. Being near a window with a view can also enhance the experience. Place the cot nearby for easy access to your child.

What is a nursery chair?

A nursery chair or nursing chair is a type of chair that provides a safe and cosy spot for mum and bub to sit while nursing, bonding, playing, learning and just spending quality time together. They’re designed to be more comfortable than regular armchairs with features that offer greater support and comfort for nursing an infant and sitting for longer periods of time.

Put one on your wishlist today or pop into your nearest Amart to view our nursery chairs in-store. You can also checkout online and have your piece delivered with plenty of special offers available to pick one up at an affordable sale price. Know a mum who just welcomed a newborn? She’ll love nursing her bundle of joy in our nursery chairs purchased with an Amart gift card!

What are the benefits of using a nursery chair?

Nursery chairs provide loads of benefits to new parents as the spot where much of your initial interaction and bonding with the little one will take place. They:

  • Provide back support when breastfeeding or bottle feeding babies.
  • Can recline or rock to soothe your baby and enhance comfort for parents.
  • Can help to develop a routine that your baby will soon get used to and love.
  • Are wider and lower than regular armchairs for greater flexibility during feeding.
  • Can come with matching ottomans for storage.
  • Let you put swollen feet up and relax.
  • Grow with your baby and make a cosy spot for reading to toddlers.