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The importance of nursery toys

More than just cuddly companions for your little ones, nursery toys play a key role in child development. From squishy bath toys to the softest plush toys and toys that sing musical tunes, these essential baby products help to grow your babyโ€™s cognitive, motor, linguistic, emotional and social skills as they grow into toddlers and beyond.

Discover the most adorable nursery toys at Amart, including the sweetest security blankets with stuffed animal toys to comfort and delight babies during play, nursing and snuggle time.

Different types of nursery toys

When it comes to kids' toys, youโ€™ve got many options. There are the soft toys that are cute and cuddly, typically shaped like animals such as furry koalas, giraffes, puppies, bunnies and elephants. Babies love the plush feel of these toys - the brighter, the better. Soft toys are even more beneficial when they feature crinkly ears, textured parts and parts that make a noise when you squeeze them as they engage more senses. Some soft toys can also be hung off the pram, rocker, bouncer, trike and more for further engagement anywhere.

There are silicone bath toys for bubble time like whales that squeak, rubber duckies and submarines. Teething toys are popular with newborns as they help to soothe sore gums. Teethers are fun to play with and to chew on and come in endless designs.

Shape sorters, abacuses, musical toys, dollhouses, toy vehicles, play gyms and rattles are all toys that babies enjoy and that will spark enjoyment, curiosity and learning with every interaction

The purpose of baby toys

Not just a furry friend or bath buddy, baby toys are important in the overall development of your child. First and foremost, toys in the nursery and playroom are intended to entertain your kids and keep them happy. But they do far more than that.

When babies play with toys, lift them, squeeze them, rattle them, move them and more, they are engaging their senses and growing cognitive and developmental skills. Whether itโ€™s the colours of a play mat, the lights on a play set or the sound of bunny ears when grabbed, toys teach babies to make sense of the world around them. The right baby toys can help to develop problem solving skills, promote imagination, encourage creativity, foster mental maturity, improve concentration, teach hand-eye coordination, promote physical activity and so much more.

Security blankets for your baby

Like bibs and nappies, nursery blankets are baby essentials that make life with a newborn that much easier. Our cute and cuddly security blankets help to comfort little ones, making them feel safe, cosy and emotionally supported. Luxuriously soft on the outside with a smooth satin lining, Perago Baby security blankets come with an adorable stuffed animal attached to the blanket body for babies to hug and play with.

Choose from sleeping Vanilla Giraffe, Blue Bear or Pink Bunny with knotted corners for little fingers to easily grasp and hold onto.

Perago Baby: the brand new parents know & love

Perago Baby are our leading baby brand at Amart that new parents trust to soothe and protect their newborns. Their products combine the highest quality with safety, style and comfort for the ultimate all-in-one baby essentials. We have Perago Baby bedding for the nursery as well as new arrival blankets, mattress protectors, muslin wraps and change table covers to pop on your wishlist. Checkout online and enjoy fast delivery to anywhere in Australia.

100% cotton nursery toys

Cotton nursery toys are super soft for babies and a favourite for snuggling with. The natural fibres are safe for delicate skin as well as being highly breathable and sustainable for the environment. Cotton is a top choice for nursery toys as well as baby cot sheets, swaddles, blankets and other baby items that come into contact with newborns.

Nursery toys that double as baby blankets

Get the best of both worlds with a cosy baby blanket that doubles as a huggable soft toy! Our Perago Baby security blankets bundle your newborn up and feature a sweetly sleeping toy attached to the blanket body that babies will love to cuddle up to. Choose from sleeping giraffes in vanilla, sleeping bear in blue or sleeping bunny in pretty pink. Use as a comforting blanket when asleep and a fun toy when awake with contrasting textures and knotted corners for extra interest.

What are different types of nursery toys?

Babies and kids canโ€™t get enough of toys! Cute, colourful and comforting - these are the major types of toys youโ€™ll come across for taking play time to the next level:

  • Plush toys
  • Wooden toys
  • Bath toys
  • Pram toys
  • Sensory toys
  • Musical toys

Are baby toys safe?

Itโ€™s essential that you buy baby toys that are safe for babies. This involves avoiding toys with small, removable parts that pose a choking hazard and making sure the materials used are baby-friendly and non-toxic. Our best seller baby blanket toys are crafted with care for little ones and are soft and safe to use. They also make fantastic baby gifts for new parents if youโ€™re stuck on gift ideas! Got a fussy friend? Let them choose their own baby essentials from our new products with an Amart gift card that can be spent online or in-store.