Gas Lift Beds

Gas lift bed bases deliver the best additional bedroom storage with easy gas lift bed assembly. ... Choose space-saving storage bed frames available in all bed sizes, from single gas lift beds to double and queen gas lift beds and BIG king beds with gas lift storage too! Read more

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Gas Lift Beds For Smart Space-Saving Storage

Gas lift beds provide supersized extra storage which is easy to access using a gas-assisted easy-lift motion. Our gas lift bed bases in stunning designs deliver all the storage space you need without reducing the available floor space.

What is a gas lift bed?

At Amart you’ll find an extensive range of bedroom furniture which includes storage bed frames of all kinds, including gas lift beds.

Gas lift bed frames are particularly popular because they provide a big space for additional bedroom storage within the bed frame, so they don’t occupy any extra floor space like tallboys and chests of drawers.

The design incorporates a handle to access the easy-to-use gas lift mechanism. This raises the section of the bed frame containing the mattress to reveal a large storage cavity beneath.

Our beds with gas lift storage are bed frames only, so you’ll need to browse our range of high quality mattresses to put on your gas lift bed frame.

Are gas lift beds comfortable?

When you choose a luxurious mattress from our extensive range of leading brand innerspring and memory foam mattresses, you’re sure to create a comfortable gas lift bed. Set within a boxed bed base, the metal framing has timber slats upon which the mattress sits for ultimate comfort.

How do gas lift beds work?

In homes with limited storage capabilities you need to maximise the space available. While there is often room to store items under a bed, they can get dusty and be hard to access. Gas lift storage beds mean no more fossicking around in the dark and dusty nether regions underneath your bed.

So how do they work? Without getting too technical, gas storage beds work like this:

  1. Gas lift beds contain compressed gas secured inside struts.
  2. When you lift the bed with the handle, the gas-filled mechanisms aid the lifting motion, making it light and easy to elevate with a mattress on top.
  3. When you apply weight to push the bed back down the compressed gas works in the opposite direction, helping to lower the bed frame with the mattress back into place.

How sturdy are gas lift beds?

Check out our queen size gas lift bed frames to discover how strong and sturdy wooden storage bed bases with metal frames are. In fact, timber gas lift beds can weigh as much as 117 kg, indicating how solid and sturdy the construction is.

Benefits of gas lift beds

Gas lift beds are great storage items and space-saving options for many homes.

  1. In bedrooms with limited floor space gas lift beds provide a large amount of additional storage space.
  2. The storage space provided by gas lift beds is easy to access, clean and dust free.
  3. Storage beds with drawers require enough space in the room to fully open the drawers, whereas gas lift beds raise upwards into empty air space.
  4. The available space is large, allowing for easy storage of bulky items like large quilts, spare pillows, cushions or foam mattresses.