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Does your living room need new coffee table inspiration for the wow-factor? Discover the exclusive Amart Furniture range of indoor and outdoor coffee table designs to suit every budget and space for Australian homes, online and instore.
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Coffee Tables - For Way More Than Just Coffee

The modern coffee table has many roles. Sure, it’s the perfect place to put your coffee, but it’s also a stylish piece of furniture, a space to display favourite books, a hangout for remotes and mobiles, and a place where the beers and snacks go. A coffee table has big shoes to fill, especially if your table also moonlights as a coffee table ottoman!

Does a living room need a coffee table?

Well… yes, but a coffee table doesn’t always need a living room! If you have a space where you like to entertain and relax, there is probably a place where the perfect coffee table will work its magic. You need a place to put your coffee or tea cups, beer and wine glasses, books and magazines, and platters of fine foodstuffs for sharing with friends and family. A coffee table is the answer.

Coffee tables are essential living room furniture pieces in modern Australian homes. Savvy home owners also enjoy the outdoor dining coffee table experience. Pair your favourite wooden coffee table, glass coffee table, marble coffee table or rattan coffee table with an Amart outdoor lounge, armchair, bookcase, or entertainment unit for coordinated furniture appeal.

What coffee tables are in style?

Bold coffee table materials and designs are in vogue around Australia. Quality coffee tables made with real timber or marble make a perfect home base in the lounge room, providing a sense of permanence and stability. Our collection includes drawer coffee tables, so make sure to take your living room lifestyle choices into consideration before purchasing.

For lightweight coffee table appeal, check out rattan furniture and coffee table sets that can be adapted to your needs. Whatever your style, Amart Furniture has what you’re looking for, with coffee table choices that include:

  • Round coffee tables
  • Square coffee tables
  • Glass top coffee tables
  • Mid century wooden coffee tables and chunky wood styles
  • Nesting coffee tables
  • Coffee table storage units
  • Hamptons style coffee tables
  • Big and small coffee tables
  • Console tables
  • Coffee table sets

How high is a coffee table?

The designs, materials, shapes and sizes of coffee tables vary. The height is no exception, although the standard coffee table sits at around 450mm high. Coffee tables are all about convenience, so it makes sense to have all your ‘essentials’ within easy reach.

Variations on the theme include the gorgeous Nero in walnut timber which is a low rider at just 380mm. Others are taller than average, such as the Lauderdale which is 495mm high and the Eloisa which includes a 1000cm round table.

Getting the height right is important to the look and the functionality of the coffee table in relation to your sofa and the rest of the room. Measure the height of your sofa seat before you start shopping for a new coffee table, and consider the aspect of the coffee table height in relation to other furniture.

While the ideal coffee table height is similar to or a little lower than your Amart lounge suite or sofa, you may want a lower-than-average coffee table if there is potential to block the view of another piece of furniture or your Amart entertainment unit, for example.

Check out the Romulus square coffee table measuring just 400mm high - you can see how the lower height beautifully accents the matching buffet positioned nearby, whereas a taller coffee table would partially obscure that view.

When you’ve narrowed the choices down, visit your nearest Amart Furniture showroom and explore your favourite coffee tables in person. Whether you want a traditional wood coffee table or a contemporary white coffee table, Amart has exactly what you’re looking for.

What shape of coffee table should I get?

There are a few things to consider before choosing the perfect coffee table shape for your living space.

  1. The dimensions of your living room or open plan area
  2. The amount of available space around the coffee table
  3. The width, style and position of your sofas and/or lounge chairs
  4. The design and style of the entertainment unit, bookcase, armchairs or ottomans
  5. The design of your dining table, dining chairs, and other existing furniture items
  6. Home decor such as wall art, cushions, rugs and bedside tables
  7. Your household members

Rectangular coffee tables are a great shape to work in conjunction with a sofa, but if you have young active kids it could be worth looking into round coffee table ideas. Also consider the shape of your coffee table alongside the design of existing furniture. Check out the curvaceous legs on the La Salle Mk2 coffee table perfectly complementing the soft curves of the sofa design and the table lamp.

Another table displaying perfect symmetry with the shape of surrounding furnishings is the rectangular Pine Creek coffee table, right down to the linear pattern in the floor rug!

When to use side tables?

Side tables or lamp tables provide a table top surface in living rooms with limited space. They are also perfect in bedrooms, libraries and home office spaces where luxe furniture and convenience go hand-in-hand.

Side tables are a great finishing touch. They balance the look of the room and fill gaps with stylish versatility. Explore traditional and contemporary side tables made from premium oak, mango wood, and other sustainably harvested timbers.

If you need a side table in conjunction with a coffee table, choose matching designs such as the popular Silverwood lamp table and matching Silverwood coffee table with storage.

How do you decorate a coffee table?

You can find lots of gorgeous accessories in our homewares collection just perfect for creating that finishing touch! Decorative items such as vases and pot plants are fabulous coffee table decor, as are candles, bowls and coffee table books.

Nobody wants a cluttered coffee table, so decorate with just a few items. Store remotes and other essentials on the table or in the drawers. The choices are all yours with coffee tables from Amart Furniture.